Manufacturing Locations

Goodyear has manufacturing facilities of all types located throughout the United States and Canada. The vision for Goodyear's North American Manufacturing facilities is "success through innovation." We are passionate about winning and relentless in our search for "a better way." Our Manufacturing organization is committed to driving efficiencies through continuous improvement and we are always looking for great people to join our team to help drive that vision.


Tires for commercial trucks, off-the-road vehicles and aircraft are made in NAT's Commercial plants. These tires are used on tractor trailers, buses, earthmovers as well as business jets and commercial aircraft.


NAT's Consumer plants produce tires for the original equipment and replacement tire segments. Goodyear supplies many of the major automobile manufacturers and sells its replacement tires through independent tire dealers, national retailers and company-owned retail stores.


NAT's Allied plants make retread rubber products for use in the Commercial Truck and Aviation marketplaces. Molds used by Goodyear's tire manufacturing plants during the curing process are also produced at an Allied plant.


The Chemical plants produce synthetic rubber products that are used in the tire manufacturing process. They also produce antioxidants used to prolong auto and truck tire life.

"Working in the manufacturing plants provides endless opportunities at Goodyear. You are able to see the product developed from its most basic components all the way to a finished tire that will safely transport you anywhere you need to go. If you are the type of person who likes to be involved, get your hands dirty and go home at the end of the day knowing you made a difference, manufacturing is the place for you."

- Paula Konneker, Nebraska Wesleyan University

How to Apply

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