History by Year

1898 Frank Seiberling borrows $3,500 from his brother-in-law Lucius Miles for the down payment needed to buy an abandoned strawboard factory on the banks of the Little Cuyahoga River in Akron. The remainder would be paid in four yearly installments of $2,500…Seiberling and his brother Charles found The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company with initial capital stock of $100,000 on August 29…Company named in honor of Charles Goodyear, who discovered the rubber vulcanization process in 1839…David Hill, who purchased $30,000 of the company's initial stock is named president…Production of carriage tires, bicycle tires, horseshoe pads and rubber sundries begin on November 21…The company's first sale for $25.80 in rubber tubes for pharmaceutical bottles is recorded on December 1.

1899 Raymond Penfield, Frank Seiberling's brother-in-law and an original stockholder in Goodyear, becomes president…Automobile tires added to Goodyear's product line…Sales for first full year of operation totaled $508,597 and generated a profit of $34,621.

1900 Goodyear exhibits solid tires at Auto Show in New York...Paul Litchfield joined Goodyear as factory superintendent...Company begins exports to Canada, England and France…Tillinghast bicycle tire license withdrawn, forcing Goodyear to alter production methods...Two-story office building constructed...Annual sales doubled to $1,035,921.

1901 First advertisement in Saturday Evening Post with wingfoot trademark…Goodyear develops first straight-side tire, with braided wire bead…George Stadelman joins the company as sales manager for carriage tires.

1902 Grant patent on carriage tires declared invalid, Goodyear's bond money returned…Construction starts on new factory building, four times larger than original plant.

1903 Lucius Miles becomes president…Paul Litchfield granted patent on first tubeless automobile tire.

1904 Seiberling-Stevens patent issued for tire building machine…First detachable rim developed by Goodyear to replace one-piece clincher rim.

1905 Goodyear becomes the industry leader in the manufacture and sales of carriage tires…300 employed, 28 in sales department.

1906 Frank Seiberling becomes president…Goodyear produces the world's first quick, detachable, straight-side tire.

1907 Goodyear cord tire for electric automobiles introduced…A night shift started in the plant…Branch office opens in Detroit…1,200 sets of tires sold to Henry Ford for use on Model T automobile…Goodyear began selling detachable rims directly to auto manufacturers and licensed competitors to produce both detachable rims and tires.

1908 Large addition to the factory built…First All-Weather tread design adopted - a diamond-studded pattern used with only minor modifications for nearly 40 years…Forerunner of research and development departments originated

1909 Goodyear develops first pneumatic rubber airplane tire to replace sled runners and bicycle tires aviation pioneers then were using…State-Seiberling tire building machine patented.

1910 Company's first subsidiary and foreign plant acquired in Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada…Labor department established in Akron…First testing machine for airplane tires, forerunner of today's dynamometer built by Goodyear.

1911 Akron plant operates 24 hours a day…Goodyear tires used for first U.S. mail flight…Goodyear tires used on first transcontinental flight from Long Beach, California to Long Beach, New York, (84 days and 63 landings) and on world record flight from St. Louis to New York (11 days).

1912 Goodyear establishes one of the first industrial hospitals in the U.S…First issue of employee newsletter "Wingfoot Clan" published…Branch office opened in London…Goodyear built its first blimp.

1913 Expanding non-tire production, mechanical rubber goods department started, first conveyor belt constructed…Connecticut cotton mill acquired…Plans announced to build factory in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil…Flying Squadron (employee training) originated…Upson and Preston, Goodyear entrants, win International Balloon Race…Ralph de Palma races on Goodyear tires in the Indianapolis 500.

1914 Goodyear builds first "kite" observation balloons for the British…Eight-hour day becomes standard, along with paid vacations for all employees…All of the cars in the Indianapolis 500 used Goodyear tires.

1915 Sales branches opened in Australia, Argentina and South Africa…First clock tower built in factory building erected on Market Street in Akron…Carbon black, a World War I substitute for zinc oxide, introduced in tire compounding.

1916 Goodyear becomes world's largest tire company, initiates slogan "More people ride on Goodyear tires than on any other kind"…First pension plan started…Second plant constructed in Akron…Goodyear acquires rubber plantation in Sumatra, cotton ranch in Arizona…Wingfoot Lake acquired in Akron to provide water for manufacturing operations…Edwin Thomas joins Goodyear.

1917 Sales pass $100 million…First "cross-country" (Akron to Boston) truck line, the Wingfoot Express, started by Goodyear - first trip took 24 days…First blimps built for U.S. Navy…Company purchases coal mine and became a pioneer in mechanized mining.

1918 Goodyear Heights bus line, one of the first in the country, in operation at 2 cents a ride in Akron…Goodyear pontoons on racing balloons became forerunner of inflatable life rafts…Construction starts on Goodyear Hall in Akron.

1919 Industrial Assembly established to help give Goodyear's 30,000 employees a democratic voice in management…First bullet-proof gasoline tanks for planes developed by Goodyear.

1920 Post-World War I depression reduced tire production to 118,000 units in December, compared with a high in April of 837,000 units…Goodyear Hall opens in Akron, construction slowed by war…Tire factory opens in Los Angeles.

1921 Goodyear refinanced and reorganized…Frank and Charles Seiberling resign…Edward Wilmer, Milwaukee lawyer and financier, named to presidency.

1922 Tire production increased, for a 50% gain over 1921…Captax, an organic accelerator invented by Goodyear, helped reduce production costs…First cord sectional air-bag for curing tires produced and patented.

1923 George Stadelman becomes president…Edward Wilmer named chairman…New Supertwist cord spurred successful growth of pneumatic truck tires…Balloon tires introduced.

1924 Goodyear acquires Zeppelin patents, making possible construction of rigid airships in the U.S…Goodyear-Zeppelin Corporation formed…Increasing rubber prices result in Goodyear research into synthetic rubber.

1925 Dr. Karl Arnstein joins Goodyear as airship designer…50,000 cubic-foot blimp, the Pilgrim, is the first commercial non-rigid airship to use helium…Rim production begun by Goodyear.

1926 Paul Litchfield named president, replacing George Stadelman after his death…Goodyear becomes the world's largest rubber company with sales of $230,161,356…Company's crude rubber requirements were about one-seventh of the world's total production…Refinancing completed, control of Goodyear returned to stockholders.

1927 Goodyear becomes first company in rubber industry to establish a Hospital Association for employees…Company applies for synthetic rubber patents for Chemigum…Airwheel, a low-pressure tire, developed for airplanes - later adapted for passenger car use…Australian and English tire plants in production.

1928 First Double Eagle tire developed…Company awarded contract to build rigid airships Akron and Macon for the U.S. Navy…2,500 acres acquired for rubber plantation in the Philippines…Research on rayon cord for truck tires initiated.

1929 Construction of world's largest airship dock started in Akron…Spot welding of aluminum alloy developed by Goodyear…Gadsden, Alabama tire plant and two Georgia textile mills begin operation.

1930 President Paul Litchfield named chairman…Pneumatic tire production falls from more than 23 million units in 1929 to less than 18 million units due to Great Depression…Airwheel tires used on Fords, Chevrolets…Additional land acquired for third Sumatra rubber plantation.

1931 Rigid airship Akron launched, construction on sister-ship Macon begins…Rubber-tired tractors demonstrated on low-pressure Airwheel tires…Argentina plant started.

1932 Six-hour day inaugurated to alleviate unemployment caused by the Depression…First hydraulic disc brakes for airplanes developed by Goodyear.

1933 First year since Depression began that tire production showed increase…Airship Macon completed…Synthetic rubber research reactivated as full-time project…Magnesium alloy airplane wheel developed…Decatur, Alabama textile mill acquired…Goodyear Bank established in Akron.

1934 Pliofilm, rubber-based packaging film, developed…Tire plant construction started in Java…Earthmover tire introduced…First studded mud and snow tire announced.

1935 Kelly-Springfield Tire Company purchased…Explorer II, Goodyear-built stratosphere balloon, set altitude record of 72,395 feet…Indonesian tire plant started…Rubber plantation in Panama begun…LifeGuard tube first marketed…First rayon truck tire introduced…Sit-down strike begins November 8.

1936 Airfoam production started…Shoe product production begins in Windsor, Vermont…New rubber plantation acquired in Costa Rica…Strike to establish union as bargaining agent lasts five weeks…Sure Grip go-anywhere tire announced.

1937 Goodyear builds and tests first American-made synthetic rubber tire…Production begins at Jackson, Michigan tire plant…Neolite development started…Amphibious Marsh Buggy tire developed.

1938 Work begins on tire plants at Sao Paulo, Brazil and Norrkoping, Sweden…First rayon passenger tire introduced…Double Eagle and LifeGuard used on new cars…Goodyear builds its largest heavy-duty truck tire with a carrying capacity of 25,000 pounds.

1939 Construction of molded goods plant begins at St. Marys, Ohio…Goodyear tires used on Admiral Richard Byrd's Snow Cruiser for Antarctic expedition…Goodyear Aircraft Corporation formed, grew from a work force of 30 to 35,000 in two-and-a-half years…Goodyear conveyor belt system used at Shasta Dam to haul aggregate nearly 10 miles.

1940 Edwin Thomas named Goodyear's eighth president, Paul Litchfield continues as chairman and CEO…Construction starts on Chemigum plant…Goodyear-type self-sealing tanks adopted as standard for combat aircraft…Retirement annuity plan for salaried employees initiated.

1941 Two plants in Akron and one in Arizona started for Goodyear Aircraft…U.S. Navy orders 21 blimps…Mexican plant starts production…Sales increase 52% over 1940, reflecting participation in defense program…Tire production restricted immediately after Pearl Harbor, December 7.

1942 Company awarded contract to build Corsair fighter planes…Considerable production converted to war production, including guns, shells, tank tracks, gas masks, rafts and bullet-sealing tanks…Built government synthetic rubber plants in Akron, Houston and Los Angeles…Goodyear holdings in Sumatra, Philippines and Java invaded by Japan.

1943 Goodyear awarded contract for major components of B-29 bomber…Research developed for continuous process for reacting stage of synthetic rubber manufacture, effectively increasing reactor capacity and reducing cost…New Goodyear Research Laboratory dedicated in Akron.

1944 3,000th Corsair fighter airplane constructed by Goodyear Aircraft…Plant acquired at Lincoln, Nebraska for fuel tank production…Neolite sole production begins…Goodyear starts construction of Topeka, Kansas tire facility for the U.S. government.

1945 V-J Day brings with it cancellation of more than $400 million of government contracts, return of first of more than 26,000 employees in U.S. armed forces…Lincoln, Nebraska and Topeka, Kansas factories purchased from government…Work starts on tire plant in Peru.

1946 Goodyear continues operation of synthetic rubber plants in Akron, Houston and Los Angeles for government…Construction of synthetic rubber pilot plant begun…New plants started in Cuba and South Africa…First experimental tires with wire cord produced.

1947 First nylon tires developed…Super-Cushion tire announced, required only 24 pounds of air pressure….Niagara Falls, New York chemical products plant starts production…Crosswind landing gear for aircraft developed.

1948 50th anniversary…Super-Cushion tire becomes original equipment on many new car models…Java and Sumatra rubber plantations repossessed…Synthetic rubber plants converted to production of cold rubber.

1949 Plans for Luxembourg plant begun…Vinyl flooring introduced, supplementing Goodyear's line of rubber flooring dating back to 1905…Television first used for advertising with Goodyear sponsorship of "The Goodyear Review," hosted by Paul Whiteman.

1950 Company-financed pension plan adopted for all employees…Goodyear produces 500-millionth tire…Korean War imposed government allocation on use of both natural and synthetic rubber…Electrically heated rubber deicing equipment developed for aircraft…"The Greatest Story Ever Told" radio program initiated.

1951 First $1 billion sales year for Goodyear and the industry…Research perfects oil-extended synthetic rubber, a technique that effectively increases rubber supply 20-25% and improves quality…Korean War spurs return of defense production in many Goodyear facilities…Sales company organized in Tokyo…Goodyear, with Philco, co-sponsors "TV Playhouse."

1952 Goodyear selected by Atomic Energy Commission to operate facility in Portsmouth, Ohio…Restrictions and controls on synthetic and natural rubber removed for first time since World War II…N-type airship delivered to Navy, largest ever built…Suburbanite winter tire announced.

1953 Congress authorized transfer of government-owned synthetic rubber plants to private ownership….Company-paid hospitalization plan inaugurated….Three-story-high 3-T machine developed and built for tempering nylon tire fabric….Goodyear Aircraft at capacity on defense orders.

1954 Goodyear successful bidder on two government-owned synthetic rubber plants…Complete new line of tubeless tires introduced…World's first commercial passenger conveyor belt built by Goodyear for Hudson and Manhattan Railroad…First rubber railroad crossing installed in Akron…First nationwide strike in company's history lasted 52 days…3-T nylon cord tires announced.

1955 Research succeeds in producing in laboratory a close duplicate of the natural rubber molecule…LifeGuard Blowout Shield announced for tubeless tires…Work starts on new plant in Colombia…North Chicago, Illinois hose plant acquired…New type of blimp built for Navy for use in aircraft early-warning system…Tubeless earthmover and grader tires developed.

1956 Goodyear-operated atomic plant completed…New tire plants begun in Philippines, Venezuela and Scotland…Edwin Thomas named CEO, replacing Paul Litchfield who remains chairman…Captive-Air Safety Shield tire announced…Full line of stock car racing tires marketed…New radiation lab at Research, electronics and aircraft research buildings open in Litchfield Park, Arizona and Akron.

1957 Tread rubber plant opened in Chablis, Washington…Land acquired in Guatemala for rubber plantation…Goodyear International Corporation replaces The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Export Company…Natsyn synthetic rubber produced in a pilot plant…Steel cord used in Captive-Air Safety Shield, replacing nylon…Compulsory retirement age reduced to 65 for hourly workers, 68 for salaried employees…Goodyear Aircraft develops program for orbital space stations and manned flight to outer space.

1958 Paul Litchfield retires, Edwin Thomas named chairman; Russell DeYoung, president…Goodyear Aircraft awarded research and development contract for SUBROC anti-submarine system….Polyester resin plant construction started at Point Pleasant, West Virginia…Unisteel truck tire introduced…Production of foam-padded instrument panels begins for 1959 model cars.

1959 New plant construction started at Amiens, France; Medicine Hat, Canada; and plans begun for New Delhi, India…Arrangements made for tire manufacture in Italy, Portugal and Chile…World's largest Pillow tank of 50,000-gallon capacity produced for off-shore fuel storage…Terra Tire tires introduced for golf carts…Mickey Thompson sets land speed records on Goodyear tires.

1960 Total assets pass the $1 billion mark…Goodyear-shod car wins Daytona 500 race…Petrochemical Center begun in Beaumont, Texas for production of Natsyn and Budene synthetic rubber at cost of $20 million, company's largest single capital investment at the time…Goodyear Aircraft named prime contractor for SUBROC anti-submarine system…Mickey Thompson breaks the 400 mph barrier at Bonneville Salt Flats on Goodyear tires…Cuban facilities expropriated by the Cuban government.

1961 New plants started at Tyler, Texas and Turkey…Fulda (German tire manufacturer) and Metal Wheel Company acquired…Tire production arrangements completed in Southern Rhodesia and Malaysia…Vitafilm shrinkable packaging film, Super Ortac and Acala hose, two-ply auto tires, Super Torque farm tires shared new product spotlight…Use of shredded wire undertreads in off-the-road tires expanded…Tufsyn rubber in tire treads announced.

1962 New chemical plant started in Le Havre, France…Vytacord polyester cord announced…Research scientists discover sprayable polyurethane rubber…Goodyear Aircraft awarded government contract for development of high resolution radar for world's fastest fighter plane…Super Single tire and rim announced as replacement for duals on trucks…Goodyear racing tires used on more winning stock and sports cars than any other brand.

1963 Goodyear produces its billionth tire…Goodyear Aircraft changed its name to Goodyear Aerospace reflecting its increasing involvement in space programs…A second blimp, the Columbia, joined the Mayflower for displaying promotional and public service messages…Craig Breedlove sets land speed record of 407.45 mph in his Spirit of America equipped with Goodyear tires…New Double Eagle with LifeGuard Safety Spare announced…"Go, Go, Goodyear" theme introduced.

1964 Russell DeYoung named chairman and CEO, succeeding retiring Edwin Thomas, Victor Holt Jr. named president…Goodyear achieved $2 billion in sales…Motor Wheel Corporation becomes a subsidiary…Flexsteel, a radial ply truck tire, added to the line…Goodyear Memory Belt introduced, automatically routes packaged items, using coded information stored in the belt's matrix…Craig Breedlove sets speed record of 526.28 mph in a jet-powered Spirit of America equipped with Goodyear tires…Goodyear enters international racing field…New Italian plant started.

1965 Radial-ply tires made available in a full range of sizes to all auto manufacturers…Forty-one linear miles of Goodyear butyl sheeting used to seal the joints of the Houston Astrodome…Prime Wrap packaging material introduced…Winter tires with Safety Spikes first introduced…Craig Breedlove sets land speed record of 600.601 mph on Goodyear tires…Goodyear wins the 24 Hours of Le Mans, France…Work begins on a new tire plant in Guatemala.

1966 Goodyear becomes first company in rubber industry to install a graphics unit that enables technical personnel to communicate directly with a programmed computer and receive the graphic answers almost immediately…Thirty foot wire grid communications satellite built by Goodyear Aerospace successfully launched…Planned city at Litchfield Park, Arizona continues to progress on a 12,000-acre site…Motor Wheel Corporation becomes prime rim and wheel supplier for military vehicles, opened first plant outside U.S. in Chatham, Ontario, Canada…More than 100 new retail outlets opened…Jack Brabham wins World Driving Championship on Goodyear tires…Plants started in Jamaica and Australia.

1967 Despite a two-week strike at 11 U.S. plants, sales and earnings set record…Best year for Goodyear Aerospace since World War II…Metal Products Division integrated into Motor Wheel Corporation…Number of Goodyear plants worldwide passes the 100 mark, work started on plants in Northern Ireland and Germany…Custom Wide Tread Polyglas tire announced…Largest installation to date of memory belt completed at the U.S. Postal Department's new Air Mail Facility at San Francisco's International Airport…A.J. Foyt rides to victory at the Indianapolis 500, and Dennis Hulme wins the 1967 World Driving Championship, both on Goodyear tires.

1968 Polyglas tires became standard or optional equipment on almost all 1969 model cars…Pathfinder Polyglas snow tire introduced…Goodyear Aerospace balloons travel on Apollo 7, help right spacecraft after splashdown…Instant-Floor do-it-yourself vinyl tiles with pressure-sensitive backing introduced…Sprayable colored Neothane applied to 170,000 square feet of roof at new civic center in San Rafael, California…Data acquisition system installed at Goodyear Research, making laboratories the most highly computerized in the rubber industry…Bobby Unser adds the company's second consecutive victory in the Indianapolis 500…Tire plants in Greece and Thailand started.

1969 Goodyear's first $3 billion sales year…Virtually all of Goodyear International's plants either were modernized or expanded…New test equipment for airplane wheels and brakes placed in operation in Akron…Goodyear Tire Center franchise program initiated…Crashworthy fuel cells developed for aircraft…Goodyear Aerospace supplied components for the Boeing 747.

1970 Industrial products plant begun at Lyon, France…Steel-belted Double Eagle Polysteel tire introduced…Wide range of belted Glas-Guard tires introduced for campers, vans and pickups…First tires on the moon (Apollo 14) supplied by Goodyear…Staran, world's fastest computer, introduced by Goodyear Aerospace for air traffic control…Transport Systems organization created to accelerate use of Speedwalk/Speedramp passenger conveying systems…Carbon-composite brake disc material developed by aviation products…Chemical Division, world's largest producer of synthetic rubber, became leading producer of polybutadiene rubber as well…Gary Gabelich sets land speed record of 622.407 mph in his Blue Flame equipped with Goodyear tires.

1971 World's largest tire built at Topeka, Kansas…Polysteel tires now marketed nationally…Jackie Stewart wins World Driving Championship…New Speedwalk/Speedramp installations completed at three airports…Goodyear polyester used in double-knit wearing apparel…New tire plants planned for Brazil, Zaire, Morocco and Taiwan.

1972 Charles Pilliod Jr. elected 11th president…Goodyear becomes first in the industry to record sales in excess of $4 billion…Custom Steelgard Radial tire introduced…Side-looking radar, pioneered by Goodyear Aerospace, used extensively by U.S. Air Force on F-4 phantom jets…New tire plants begin production in Zaire and Morocco…Four-year-old franchise program added its 100th Goodyear Tire Center…Mark Donohue wins Indianapolis 500 on Goodyear tires, setting a record speed of 162.962 mph…Goodyear Conservation Awards Program completes 25 years of recognizing resource management by the nation's soil and water conservation districts.

1973 Company celebrates 75th year…New packaging film plant in Merced, California…New industrial brake plant in Berea, Kentucky…New tire plant in Americana, Brazil…Custom Steelguard remains only steel-belted radial tire approved by all four U.S. car makers for 1974 models…Board of Directors holds its first meeting outside of U.S., in Luxembourg…Goodyear receives five-year contract extension with Atomic Energy Commission for continued operation of plant in Portsmouth, Ohio…26 of 33 cars at the Indianapolis 500 rode on Goodyear tires, including winner Gordon Johncock…Keep America Beautiful Inc. selects Goodyear's corporate-wide environmental improvement program as the nation's finest.

1974 Goodyear is first in rubber industry to exceed $5 billion in sales…Charles Pilliod Jr., elected fifth chairman of the board, John Gerstenmaier named president…Custom Polysteel Radial and new top-of-the-line Double Eagle Radial, with belts of Flexten cord, announced…F32 All Winter Radial introduced…Goodyear tires were on the winning cars in 151 out of the 226 major racing events throughout the world, including Johnny Rutherford's win at Indianapolis…Largest U.S. Air Force contract of its type awarded to Goodyear Aerospace for aircraft wheels, brakes and parts…U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare presents outstanding public service award to Goodyear for blimp messages promoting the Social Security program…For the 59th consecutive year it was still true & "More people ride on Goodyear tires than on any other kind."

1975 Chairman Charles Pilliod Jr., named Employer of the Year by National Industrial Recreation Association…Natural rubber processing plant starts production at Benin City, Nigeria…Russell DeYoung, retired chairman, honored by Indonesia for contributions to country's economy…Goodyear and Oil Shale Corporation planning pilot plant at Rocky Flats, Colorado to turn scrap tires into oil, steel and carbon black…Indianapolis 500 won by Bobby Unser in all-Goodyear field, marking first time in 13 years one company supplied all tires…Goodyear Motor Sports Club started for auto racing fans…Largest single tire service contract in history awarded to Goodyear for trans-Alaskan pipeline project…General Dynamics awards Goodyear Aerospace wheel and brake contracts for F-16 fighter jet…Flexten cord incorporated into auto, radial truck and bias-belted earthmover tires.

1976 Sales of $5.8 billion establish a record, despite a 130 day strike at 15 major plants…A hose plant at Mount Pleasant, Iowa, started production…Company and employees rally to the aid of Guatemala following massive earthquakes, supplies were airlifted to stricken areas…Company receives largest single conveyor belting order from Duval Sierrita copper mine in Arizona…Topeka, Kansas plant produced super earthmover tire of Nylosteel 11½ feet high, 5½ feet wide, weighing more than 12,500 pounds for world's largest loader…Chemical Division ships first shatterproof polyester resin bottles…A Holstein bull calf, equipped with an air driven artificial heart developed jointly by Goodyear and the Cleveland Clinic, lives a record 145½ days…Researchers design a tourniquet of natural rubber for use during surgery on an elephant in Miami, Florida…Company begins drilling for natural gas on its Akron properties.

1977 Goodyear introduces two notable advances in tire design; Tiempo, the first all-season tire, and the revolutionary fuel-saving elliptic tire….Ground is broken for a new tire plant in Lawton, Oklahoma, representing an initial investment of $80 million….Goodyear acquires a rubber plantation in Sumatra…Company begins expansion of polyester resin plant at Point Pleasant, West Virginia…A.J. Foyt makes history on Goodyear tires winning his fourth Indianapolis 500…Sales record of $6.6 billion and earnings record of $205 million are set.

1978 Plans announced to turn an idle Akron tire plant into a new $75 million Technical Center…Goodyear is first company in the rubber industry to top the $7 billion mark in sales, led by the most successful tire in company history, the Tiempo, the all-season tire sold 3.5 million units in its first year…The company marks its 80th anniversary…John Gerstenmaier is elected vice-chairman and chief operating officer with Robert Mercer succeeding him as Goodyear's 13th president…Point Pleasant, West Virginia plant expanded…Ashland, Ohio plant increases production to meet the demand for Pliogrip, an adhesive used to bond car components…Latex plant opens in Calhoun, Georgia…Expansions of tire making facilities made in Malaysia and Luxembourg…Goodyear Aerospace receives contract to develop an Imaging Radar System to map the planet Venus…Toxicology lab established to determine the safety of chemicals…Mario Andretti wins World Driving Championship, Al Unser the Indianapolis 500 and Kenny Roberts became the first American to win the World 500cc Motorcycle Grand Prix - all on Goodyear tires…A new and larger airship Mayflower launched…The National 4-H Bicycle Program completes 10th year under Goodyear sponsorship.

1979 Wingfoot radial, a new high performance auto tire, debuts at Chicago Auto Show…Rick Mears wins Indianapolis 500 on Goodyear tires…U.S. cities install Goodyear-made rubber railroad crossings at rate of two every work day…$71 million expansion announced for radial truck tire facilities at Danville, Virginia…New airship Enterprise christened in Pompano Beach, Florida.

1980 Arriva all-season radial tire introduced…For the third time, Johnny Rutherford wins the Indianapolis 500 and Kenny Roberts won his third straight World 500cc Motorcycle Road Racing Championship, both on Goodyear tires…Largest Goodyear plant expansion in history slated for Mexico City…Goodyear establishes record sales and earnings for 1980, sales were $8.4 billion and earnings were up 57.8% to $230.7 million.

1981 John Gerstenmaier, vice chairman and chief operating officer, retires…Arriva tire line expanded with 11 new sizes for import cars…New family of Eagle high performance tires introduced…Goodyear's method to chemically dispose of hazardous PCBs was honored by a White House agency…1982 model Datsuns came to the U.S. from Japan equipped with Goodyear radial tires produced in Union City, Tennessee…Goodyear announces phase-out of industrial products operations in Akron…Bobby Unser wins the Indianapolis 500 on Goodyear tires…Versigard rubber roofing system introduced.

1982 Chairman Charles Pilliod Jr., receives the Horatio Alger Award…Goodyear Bank sold to National City Bank…Benny Parsons uses Goodyear tires to become the first driver qualifying for a NASCAR Grand National race at more than 200 mph…Double Eagle Radial tires introduced…Gordon Johncock uses Goodyear Eagle Speedway Specials to win the Indianapolis 500…Phase-out of motorcycle tire production announced…Goodyear Highway Hero program established to honor truck drivers for acts of heroism and public service…Keke Rosenberg clinches World Drivers Championship for Formula 1 racing on Goodyear tires…The first American-built Honda rolls off the assembly line at Marysville, Ohio on Goodyear Corsa GT tires…The "Wall Street Transcript" names Charles Pilliod Jr. the top rated CEO for the second year…GM's new Chevrolet Corvette equipped with the Eagle VR50 tire.

1983 Goodyear announces plans to build a wire cord plant in Asheboro, North Carolina…Announcement was made of the merger of Goodyear and Celeron Corporation, a diversified natural gas pipeline company…Robert Mercer elected chairman and chief executive officer, succeeding Charles Pilliod Jr., Tom Barrett named president and chief operating officer…Goodyear's three billionth tire manufactured at the Danville, Virginia truck tire plant…Goodyear announces development of radial tires for aircraft…Tom Sneva wins Indianapolis 500 on Goodyear tires.

1984 Vector all-season radial auto tire introduced…Goodyear announces plans to convert Kelly-Springfield plant in Tyler, Texas to radial passenger tire production…Goodyear announces expansion of its Luxembourg radial earthmover tire production facility…Chairman Robert Mercer named the best rubber industry CEO by "The Wall Street Transcript"…Continuance of the $840 million pipeline project of Celeron Corporation authorized by board of directors…Worldwide sales reach a record $10.24 billion, and earnings a record $411 million.

1985 Lotus of England featured Eagle high performance tires as original equipment…Goodyear boosts earthmover investment in Topeka, Kansas…Bill Elliot wins Daytona 500 on Goodyear tires…Goodyear and Japan's Toyo Tire & Rubber Company enter joint venture…"Financial World" nams Robert Mercer outstanding CEO in the rubber industry… New Tiempo tire line announced…Goodyear begins nationwide emergency road service program…Danny Sullivan wins Indianapolis 500 on Goodyear tires…Company founder Frank Seiberling inducted into the Tire Industry Hall of Fame.

1986 Goodyear purchases Long Mile Rubber Company and Min Tire Equipment Inc…Financing completed for construction of the Celeron West Coast to Texas Gulf Coast pipeline…Sales of Versigard rubber roofing expanded into Europe…Plans announced for a technical center in Japan…A natural rubber research and quality control lab opened in Singapore…Goodyear Corsa GT tires selected as the exclusive tire for the Hyundai Excel…China Affairs office opened in Hong Kong…Maxxim total gasoline vapor recovery hose introduced…British financier Sir James Goldsmith, Hanson Trust and a group of investors purchase 11.5% of Goodyear stock in a takeover attempt…Goodyear moves to acquire stock held by the Goldsmith investment group…Restructuring program was announced that included the sale of Celeron Corporation, Goodyear Aerospace, Motor Wheel Corporation, Goodyear Farms and The Wigwam resort in Arizona…Windsor, Vermont shoe products plant closed…Rome, Italy base for the Airship Europa was sold and the airship retired…Financial support for Formula 1 Grand Prix racing ends.

1987 In the wake of the unsuccessful takeover attempt by Goldsmith investment group, Goodyear makes tender offer for up to 40 million shares of its common stock…Goodyear Aerospace sold to Loral Corporation…Motor Wheel Corporation purchased by its management …New Toronto, Canada and Cumberland, Maryland tire plants closed…Arizona holdings, including Goodyear Farms, Litchfield Park and Westinghouse-Goodyear properties, sold to SunCor Development Corporation…Following sale of Goodyear Aerospace, aviation products department established, the company continuing the manufacture of aircraft tires and operation of its Air Treads and brake overhaul units…Goodyear and Pacific Dunlop Ltd. form South Pacific Tyres Ltd. joint venture with operations in Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea…Goodyear named exclusive supplier of Poly-V serpentine belts for the Chevrolet Corvette…Nippon Giant joint venture begins production of earthmover tires in Japan…Celeron "welded out" the All American pipeline from Santa Barbara, California to McCamey, Texas…New Kelly-Springfield headquarters and tire testing facility announced for Cumberland, Maryland…Eagle ZR-S high performance radial tire introduced - the first with a "Z" speed rating…Chairman Robert Mercer receives the Distinguished Service Citation Award from the Automotive Hall of Fame…New airship christened The Spirit of Akron in recognition of the community's support for the company…Hose Coupling Manufacturing Inc. subsidiary sold…Goodyear produces the first original equipment, 17-inch, Z-speed-rated performance tire, the Eagle ZR40 Gatorback, for the 1988 Chevrolet Corvette…Plans announced to expand high performance tire production in Lawton, Oklahoma…Eagle radial racing tire makes its debut and carries Al Unser Sr. to victory in the Indianapolis 500.

1988 President Tom Barrett elected to succeed Chairman Robert Mercer as CEO, effective January 1, 1989…Ground is broken for a $320 million tire plant at Napanee, Ontario, Canada…The second phase of a high performance tire expansion begins at Lawton, Oklahoma…Phase one of an expansion at the Danville, Virginia truck tire plant is completed…Project begins to increase production of auto tires and light and medium truck tires in Americana, Brazil…An expansion and modernization project begins at Fayetteville, North Carolina tire plant…Industrial Products Division celebrated its 75th anniversary with the dedication of a joint venture V-belt plant in Taiwan…Invicta GL all-season tire introduced…Goodyear airships honored by the Freedoms Foundation for public service night sign messages.

1989 Aviation tire and Air Treads operations consolidated…Tom Barrett succeeds retiring Chairman Robert Mercer…Project to add high-performance auto tire production at Gadsden, Alabama announced…Project begins to increase medium radial truck tire production at Topeka, Kansas…Auto tire production at Kuala Lampur, Malaysia increases to serve the Japanese auto industry…South Pacific Tyres begins to build a steel radial truck tire plant and modernize facilities in Australia and New Zealand…Project begins to increase synthetic rubber capacity and development at a new specialty polymer facility at Beaumont, Texas…Work begins on a Houston, Texas expansion to boost production of nitrile rubber and latex products…SIBR rubber developed to improve heat resistance of high performance and racing tires…Goodyear produces tires for the U.S. Navy's A-12 bomber, the McDonnell Douglas MD-11 jet and develops the first asymmetrical aircraft tire tread for the U.S. Air Force's F-15 fighter.

1990 New tire plant in Napanee, Ontario, Canada begins production…Expansion approved for Point Pleasant, West Virginia polyester plant…Two exclusive custom brand tires - the Concorde Calibre and All-American Decathlon - unveiled for price conscious consumers…The Daytona 500 kicks off a new advertising campaign with the theme, "The best tires in the world have Goodyear written all over them"…Modernization project approved for polyester plant in Scottsboro, Alabama…Goodyear provided race tires for sun-powered vehicles driven by college students in a 1,600 mile competition…Roofing systems plant closed in New Bedford, Massachusetts…Medium and heavy-duty radial truck tire production phased out at the Valleyfield, Quebec, Canada plant…South Pacific Tyres opened a radial truck tire plant in Melbourne, Australia…Shoe Products Division relocated to Hudson, New Hampshire.

1991 Goodyear airships visited 12 major markets in the United States as Blimp Tour '91 increased retail traffic and tire sales…Chairman, CEO and President Tom Barrett retired…Stanley Gault elected chairman and chief executive officer…Hoyt Wells elected president and chief operating officer… Goodyear sells 12 million new shares of its common stock…Four tires introduced in an unprecedented launch: the Aquatred, Invicta GFE, Wrangler GSA and Eagle GSC…The new, highly innovative Aquatred tire garnered praise and acceptance from the media and consumers alike…Air Treads forms a joint venture with Mitsui & Company Ltd. of Japan to serve the expanding aviation tire business in Asia…Project approved to nearly double capacity of Bangkok, Thailand tire plant…Akzo agrees to buy the Scottsboro, Alabama polyester tire cord and fabric plant…Goodyear support of the Persian Gulf War was recognized by several awards…Company awarded James S. Cogswell Award for Outstanding Industrial Security Achievement from the U.S. Department of Defense.

1992 Goodyear sells nearly all of its food and industrial films business to Huntsman Holdings Corporation…Goodyear begins selling tires through mass-merchandiser Sears…Expansion announced for the Lawton, Oklahoma plant…Goodyear sells polyester businesses to Shell Oil Company…"Consumer Digest" magazine names Goodyear Eagle GA tire a "best buy"…Expansion at steel tire cord plant in Asheboro, North Carolina approved….Goodyear introducsd the first extended mobility, or run-flat, tire for the Chevrolet Corvette…The Workhorse Extra Grip radial light truck tire makes its debut…Trackman rubber track introduced…Gadsden, Alabama plant begins an expansion for light truck tires.

1993 The All American pipeline enters into crude oil transportation agreements with several California offshore oil producers…Joint venture announced with India's Ceat Ltd. to build tires…The company opens a representative's office and its first tire store in Beijing, China…Distribution expanded through adding approximately 1,000 new dealers and mass-merchandising outlets for Goodyear tires in the United States…Goodyear introduces 300 Series Unisteel commercial truck tire system, several new light truck tires, a broad market touring tire, automotive and industrial hose products with environmental benefits and quieter more efficient V-belts…Sales of Aquatred tire, winner of more than a dozen awards, including Japan's prestigious "Good Product Design Award," reaches two million units in the United States.

1994 Wrangler Aquatred for light trucks and SUVs introduced…Ford chooses Eagle GS-C for its Mustang Cobra…Just Tires stores expanded into Philadelphia and Los Angeles, with a total of 70 outlets in all markets…Goodyear opened an "electronic store" on CompuServe, an on-line subscription service - Goodyear was the first and only major tire manufacturer with a CompuServe store…Company introduces innovative Customer Trust program, which allowed customers to specify the desired level of diagnosis and service for auto service outlets…Goodyear celebrates its 300th Grand Prix victory in Barcelona, Spain…Manufacturing capacity at the Topeka, Kansas plant increased…Kelly-Springfield subsidiary marks 100th anniversary…Chinese government grants applications for Goodyear Dalian joint venture to manufacture tires in China…Construction begins on expansions in Malaysia and Indonesia…Goodyear acquires a 60% interest in a joint venture with Qingdao Gold Lion Hose Company in China…Company acquires partner's one-half interest in Techbelt Pacific…All American Pipeline System shows a full year of operating profit…All-time record sales for 1994 of $12.3 billion, with record income of $567 million.

1995 With Hoyt Wells retirement, Samir Gibara becomes Goodyear's president and chief operating officer…Goodyear acquires majority control of TC Debica, the leading Polish passenger tire manufacturer…New tire production comes on stream at Goodyear Dalian in China…Acquired an air springs operation in Brazil…In the U.S., Goodyear's distribution channels expand with the addition of both Montgomery Ward and Penske Automotive Centers…New tire introductions included the Aquatred II, Ultra Grip HP and Eagle #1…Introduced the Gatorback Poly-V automotive belt…Marked 1,000th NASCAR Winston Cup victory…Sales of $13.2 billion and earnings of $611 million are the highest in Goodyear's history.

1996 Goodyear completed several international acquisitions, expanding its global scope…Acquires a 50% stake in Sweden's Dackia, a tire retailer…Purchased tire assets of Sime Darby Pilipinas in the Philippines…Purchased a 60% interest in South African tire company Contred…Buys the assets of Belt Concepts of America, a lightweight conveyor belt maker, in Spring Hope, North Carolina…Forms Goodyear Polska subsidiary to sell products in Poland…Closed tire plant in Thessaloniki, Greece…Introduces Infinitred, the industry's first auto tire to carry lifetime treadwear warranty, in North America.

1997 Expands European presence with a tire and engineered products joint venture with Slovenia's Sava Group…Signs off-take agreement with Sumitomo Rubber and begins a market test to sell each other's tires…Increases ownership in India's South Asia Tyres from 60% to 74%…Buys assets of Venezuelan hose manufacturer Indomax and three affiliated companies…Announces plans to build a power transmission products plant in Mexico… Introduces "Serious Freedom" advertising campaign in North America…Signs deal with NASCAR, making Goodyear the exclusive tire supplier of NASCAR's top three race divisions…Blimp fleet doubles with two airships added in Europe and one in Latin America…Introduced Eagle pd synchronous belt and sprocket assembly…Begins construction of a conveyor belt technical center in Marysville, Ohio…Closes Morant Bay, Jamaica tire plant…Announces withdrawal from Formula 1 racing after 1998 season…Introduced Eagle HP and Eagle HP Ultra high-performance tires…Announced a six-year, $600 million expansion plan for Goodyear Chemicals.

1998 Goodyear celebrates its first 100 years in business…Purchases the remaining 40% interest in Contred subsidiary in South Africa…Purchases remaining shares of India's South Asia Tyres…Sells All American Pipeline, Celeron Gathering and Celeron Trading and Transportation…Sells latex plant in Calhoun, Georgia to GenCorp…Sells extruded rubber business to Longwood Elastomers…Announced the development of an advanced tire manufacturing process called IMPACT…Introduces a new steel passenger car tire technology known as Ultra-Tensile Steel Wire, using it in the Eagle Aquasteel EMT run-flat tire and Eagle F1 Steel tires…Announced plans to close Kelly-Springfield's Cumberland, Maryland offices…Completes expansion of Luxembourg Technical Center…Develops the industry's first non-directional radial farm tractor tire…Announced expansion projects for plants in Union City, Tennessee and Decatur, Georgia…Complets expansion of the Beaumont, Texas chemical plant.

1999 Introduces Regatta 2 all-season radial tires in North America…Increases radial tire capacity at Napanee, Ontario, Canada plant…Announced $1 billion global alliance with Japan's Sumitomo Rubber Industries, which has rights to the Dunlop tire brand in much of the world, to establish six joint ventures in North America, Europe and Japan…Becomes national title sponsor of the All-American Soap Box Derby.

2000 For the third year in a row, Goodyear earns top honors in the Rubber and Plastics Products category of "Fortune" magazine's list of America's Most Admired Companies…Forms joint venture with Treadco, creating Wingfoot Commercial Tire Systems…Introduces Goodyear Aquatred 3 in North America…New airship Spirit of Goodyear christened by astronaut Sally Ride…Announced plans to build a molded products manufacturing plant in Mexico…Forms an Internet-based purchasing alliance with five other rubber companies called RubberNetwork.com….The Australia-based airship Spirit of the South Pacific assists with telecast of the Sydney Summer Olympics…Opens sales and distribution center in Dubai…Introduces Kelly Safari SUV tire and Navigator Platinum TE, a touring tire…Eagle Ventura, an all-season performance tire launched in Asia…Robert Keegan joins Goodyear as president and chief operating officer…Goodyear Chemical and Sandia National Laboratories sign agreement to jointly explore energy efficient processes to reduce industry's dependence on foreign oil…Innovative two-piece tire concept introduced for OTR tire market…Goodyear blimp named a Business and Design Classic by Corporate Design Foundation.

2001 GT3 tire, the world's first tire made with a compound derived from corn, introduced at Geneva Motor Show…Acura selects Goodyear Integrity tires for use on its new MDX SUV…Debica launches Passio passenger car tire in Poland…Tire manufacturing operation in Mexico closed…Wrangler MT/R tire wins NorTech Innovation Award…Goodyear named exclusive tire supplier for NHRA's top two drag racing divisions…Eagle F1 GD-D EMT run-flat tires selected as option on Lexus SC 430…Radial aircraft tire expansion completed in Danville, Virginia, tripling production…U.S. blimp fleet visits more than 25 major cities on Safety Tour promoting tire care and safe operation…U.S. Postal Service selects Goodyear as exclusive ground tire supplier in 10-year deal…Company launches third generation of www.goodyear.com website…Board of directors approves reduction in quarterly dividend to shareholders…Fortera line of tires introduced for SUVs…Expansion of Dalian, China tire plant announced…GPS 3 Sport tire launched in Latin America…Specialty chemical business sold to Littlejohn & Company.

2002 All tire manufacturing plants in North America certified to ISO 14001 for environmental management systems…Wrangler MT/R wins "Automotive News" PACE Award…Marikina, Philippines tire plant closed…Low-rolling-resistant E-metric concept tires featured on General Motors' Autonomy fuel cell car…Gatorback Poly-V belt makes racing debut in Daytona 500…Announced plans to build new airship named the Spirit of America in honor of the patriotic spirit of Goodyear's home country…Acquires an additional 20% stake in Slovenian joint venture, Sava Tires, increasing ownership to 80%…Kelly Safari Signature tire introduced for North American SUV market…Plans announced to double production of seamless tread material at the Social Circle, Georgia retread plant…Goodyear Dunlop UK opens new headquarters and national distribution center, TyreFort, in Birmingham, England…For the first time in almost 40 years, four Goodyear blimps grace the skies in formation to mark the christening of the new Spirit of America…Acquires an additional 15.2% ownership stake in Turkey's Goodyear Lastikleri, now owns 74.6%…Mold plant in Stow, Ohio closed…Robert Keegan appointed CEO, replacing Samir Gibara, who remained chairman…Ford selects Eagle F1 Supercar tires for its high performance Ford GT sports car.

2003 Board of Directors approves elimination of quarterly dividend to shareholders…Ohio Historical Society honors company founder Frank Seiberling with historical marker outside corporate headquarters…CEO Robert Keegan outlines seven turnaround strategies…Completed comprehensive refinancing…Eagle F1 GS-D3 wins NorTech Innovation Award…Engineered Products adds production of air conditioning hose to Kranj, Slovenia factory…Robert Keegan elected chairman upon Samir Gibara's retirement…New three-year master labor contract ratified in North America…Six-month blimp tour of Japan completed, airship Spirit of Japan made appearances in every major city and 42 of the nation's 47 prefectures…Goodyear captures CIO-100 award for information technology operations…Eagle F1 GS named Best Buy by "Consumers Digest" magazine…Huntsville, Alabama Dunlop tire plant closed…Goodyear tires chosen as standard equipment on Volvo and Freightliner trucks.

2004 Assurance tires featuring TripleTred and ComforTred technology introduced in North America…Converted branding on race tires used in NASCAR's Craftsman Truck Series to Wrangler, Eagles continue to be used in Busch and Nextel Cup series…Pilot Travel Centers begin sales of Goodyear truck tires…OPTITRAC farm radial tires introduced…New synthetic rubber polymers increase ability to reduce natural rubber dependency by as much as 15%…Sava Tires becomes wholly-owned subsidiary…Expansion made at Fayetteville, North Carolina tire plant…Eagle F1 GSD3 EMT run-flat tires named exclusive option for Maserati Quattroporte…Two-piece assembly for OTR tires wins NorTech Innovation Award…First steel belted radial passenger car tires built in Lima, Peru factory…Ferrari selects Eagle F1 GS-D3 EMT run-flat tires for F430…Radial medium truck tire expansion begins in Cali, Colombia…Specially designed Toyota Prius sets hybrid land speed record at Bonneville Salt Flats on Goodyear Eagle race tires.

2005 Duraseal commercial tire technology introduced…Fortera featuring SilentArmor Technology introduced for SUVs in North America, tire utilizes Kevlar…Debica introduces second generation Navigator passenger car tire in Poland…Headquarters of Asia region moves to Shanghai, China…Toyota's hybrid Prius vehicle equipped with low-rolling-resistance Goodyear Integrity tires…Jeep selects Eagle RS-A run-flat tires for Grand Cherokee SRT8…Engineered Products opens plant in Brazil to produce offshore oil hose…General Motors names Goodyear "Supplier of the Year" for Tires…Teams with Walt Disney Pictures with tires for "Herbie Fully Loaded" movie…Premio retail tire and service operation debuts in Russian market…Assurance featuring TripleTred Technology wins Silver IDEA Award…Indonesian natural rubber plantation sold to Bridgestone Corporation…Goodyear Fortera featuring TripleTred Technology introduced for SUVs in North America…Wingtack adhesive resins business sold to Sartomer Company…North American farm tire operations sold to Titan International.

2006 South Pacific Tyres becomes wholly-owned subsidiary, bought 50% from Ansell…Assurance featuring TripleTred Technology, Eagle GT-HR and Fortera featuring SilentArmor Technology named Best Buys by "Consumers Digest" magazine…Goodyear blimp makes maiden voyage in China…Eagle featuring ResponsEdge Technology introduced in North America, first use of carbon fiber in consumer tires…Expansion begins to increase radial passenger tire production in India…Fierce tire brand introduced…Goodyear Dunlop UK's Washington tire plant closed…Bicycle tire production ends at Debica in Poland…Nationwide campaign kicks off to select a name for new blimp…Ford selects Eagle F1 Supercar tires for Shelby Mustang GT500…Spirit of Goodyear airship receives Lightyear logo as part of promotion for Disney-Pixar movie "Cars"…Announced plans to exit certain segments of North American private label tire business…Ohio teacher submits Spirit of Innovation as winning name for new blimp, decision made in vote by American public…Wingfoot Commercial Tire Systems signs deal to develop and operate truck service centers for Pilot Travel Centers…Upper Hutt, New Zealand tire plant closed…Volkswagen selects Eagle LS-2 tires for Eos…Captain Martina Wegscheider becomes first female Goodyear blimp pilot, flies Spirit of America…Dodge Nitro SUV launches exclusively on Goodyear tires…Fuel Max Technology introduced on new line of steer, drive and trailer commercial truck tires…Jeep selects Wrangler SR-A tires for new Compass SUV…First medium radial truck tire produced at Cali, Colombia plant…Steelworkers union shuts down 12 master contract factories in U.S. during three-month strike.

2007 Extended exclusive tire supply agreement with NASCAR through 2012, 50-year relationship with race series.…Global tire fabric operations sold to Hyosung Corporation…Four-year project begins to expand high-performance tire production at Debica, Poland…Fortera SUV tire introduced in Latin America…Road safety highlighted in Chinese blimp tour over 12 cities in nine months…Medium radial truck tire expansion begins in Debica, Poland…Goodyear Excellence chosen as OE for Toyota Auris and Mercedes C-Class in Europe…Eagle F1 All Season tire launched in North America…Public offering of 26 million shares of stock…Eagle with ResponsEdge Technology launched in Latin America…Boeing awards Goodyear six-year contract for original equipment tires on 737 aircraft…Engineered Products business sold to Carlyle Group, renamed Veyance Technologies…Luxembourg Technical Center celebrates 50th anniversary…Wrangler HP All Weather and Wrangler AT SilentArmor tires launched in Asia Pacific region…Expansion begins at Maipu, Chile factory…Tire production ends at Valleyfield, Quebec, Canada…600 Series commercial truck tires introduced in Latin America…Government funding granted for Goodyear/NASA project to develop tires for moon, Mars exploration…Customers in Australia offered first-ever climate neutral tires…Dunlop introduces ultra-high performance Direzza Sport Z1 and SP Sport Maxx GT tires in North America…Volkswagen selects Excellence and Eagle F1 tires for new Tiguan SUV…Agreement reached to build new headquarters buildings in Akron.

2008 Goodyear named one of 100 Best Corporate Citizens by "CRO" Magazine…Goodyear named exclusive tire supplier for Brazil's Copa Nextel Stock Car racing series…Tire plant in Tyler, Texas closed…Ownership stake in Poland's TC Debica tire company increased to 65.99%…Plan to triple commercial tire production in Poland announced…Eighth annual Engineering Career Day for Young Women held at Akron headquarters…Goodyear named world's most admired company in motor vehicle parts industry by "Fortune" magazine…Dunlop Sport Maxx TT ultra high performance tire launched in Europe…Goodyear recognized as one of America's most trustworthy companies by Audit Integrity and "Forbes" magazine…Lincoln MKS introduced with Assurance ComforTred and Eagle RS-A tires as original equipment…Eagle F1 Asymmetric received Editor's Choice Award for New Products by "Popular Mechanics" magazine…Goodyear sponsors Philadelphia Marathon…Goodyear Assurance tire launched in China, Indonesia…"Heavy Duty Trucking" magazine selects Fuel Max Technology as of the best new products for commercial trucks…Goodyear joins U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's SmartWay Transport Partnership…Eagle RS-A and Eagle F1 Supercar tires selected as original equipment on Dodge Challenger SRT8…Toyota selects three Eagle tires as standard equipment on 2009 Corolla and Matrix…Dunlop Signature CS tire introduced for crossover vehicles in North America…Eagle GT tire introduced in North America…Goodyear OptiGrip tire with SmartWear Technology introduced in Europe…$500 million expansion and relocation of Dalian, China tire plant begins…Goodyear recognized as one of America's most respected companies by the Reputation Institute and "Forbes" magazine…Goodyear signs five-year agreement to continue as the exclusive tire provider for the Star Mazda Championship racing series…Cali, Colombia tire plant is first in Latin America to eliminate solvent-based cleaners from operations…Dunlop Sport Direzza Z1 awarded Select Gear distinction by "European Car" magazine…Voluntary Employees' Beneficiary Association (VEBA) trust approved, funded with $1 billion…Goodyear Autocare retail franchise launched in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia…Goodyear and Genenco announced collaboration to develop bio-isoprene using renewable raw materials…Union City, Tennessee plant produces 450 millionth tire…Goodyear awarded seven-year contract to supply tires and business solutions to New York City Transit, largest transit bus fleet in U.S…Tire plant in Somerton, Australia closed…General Motors announces that Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid will be equipped with Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max tires…Chairman Robert Keegan inducted into Northeast Ohio Business Hall of Fame…Goodyear Vector 4Seasons tire named best all-weather tire by Germany's Auto Bild" magazine…Truck Force service center network launched in Russia…Goodyear Assurance tire receives Product of the Year Award from China's "Auto Magazine"…Goodyear Brazil recognized as the country's most admired company in the tire and automotive segment…Goodyear OptiGrip tire with SmartWear Technology receives the 2008 Innovation Award from the Luxembourg Business Federation.

2009 Company announces plans for an unprecedented number of new product launches in 2009, with more than 50 new tires being introduced globally…Goodyear Assurance TripleTred and Fortera TripleTred, Dunlop SP Sport Signature and SP 60 tires named Best Buys by "Consumers Digest" magazine…Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max tire introduced in North America…Spain's "Neumàticos y Mécanica Ràpida" magazine named Dunlop Grandtrek AT3 Tire of The Year in the saloon car category…Wrangler DuraTrac and Wrangler AT/SA featuring SilentArmor Technology tires launched in North America and Europe…China's Xcar.com named Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric tire its High Performance Tire of the Year…Assurance Fuel Max tire selected as original equipment for Toyota Prius, Ford Fusion S and Chevrolet Volt…Goodyear EfficientGrip tire approved as original equipment for the new Audi A3…Goodyear recognized by "Reader's Digest" as the Most Trusted Tire Brand in the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand…Goodyear recognized as America's most respected automotive company by "Forbes" magazine…Goodyear G289 WHA, G661 HSA and G662 RSA with Fuel Max Technology commercial truck tires launched…Akron properties sold to Industrial Realty Group as a first step toward finalizing plans for developing a new company headquarters in Akron…Richard Kramer elected chief operating officer…Tire plant in Las Pinas, Philippines closed…Goodyear's Premio auto service network expands in Bulgaria and Romania…Kelly Charger GT tire launched…Goodyear and NASA develop airless Spring tire for use on Mars and the moon…Wingfoot Lake Park near Akron sold, becomes Ohio State park…Fierce Attitude M/T, Instinct ZR and Instinct VR tires launched in North America…New four-year labor contract with United Steelworkers union ratified in United States…Goodyear DuraPlus tire launched in Asia…Eagle RS-A, Assurance ComforTred and Eagle F1 SuperCar tires selected as original equipment on 2010 Ford Taurus…Goodyear Thailand opens the country's first Goodyear Autocare service center…Supplier Innovation Initiative launched…World of Rubber museum in Akron's Goodyear Hall closed…Goodyear recognized as one of The Greenest Big Companies in America by "Newsweek" magazine…Announced plans to begin production of 63-inch OTR tires in 2010…Spartanburg, South Carolina retread plant closed…Eagle GT performance tire launched in Brazil…Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max tire named one of the 100 Most Innovative Products of the Year by "Popular Science" magazine…Taiwan's "CARNEWS" magazine named Eagle F1 Asymmetric tire its Best Tire Choice for High Performance Drivers.

2010 Toyota selects Goodyear Eagle RS-A and Dunlop SP Sport 7000 tires as original equipment on 2011 Sienna minivan…Assurance ComforTred Touring tire introduced in North America…Goodyear blimp page launched on Facebook…Richard Kramer elected president and CEO, replacing Robert Keegan who remained as chairman…Goodyear named one of America's most reputable companies by "Forbes" magazine…Eagle F1 SuperCar G:2 introduced with OE fitments on Chevrolet Corvette and Ford Mustang…Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRT winter tire introduced in North America…Assurance Fuel Max tire awarded the Good Housekeeping Seal…Goodyear and NASA receive "R&D 100" award for airless spring tire for use on Mars and the moon…Goodyear Fortera HL tires selected as standard equipment on 2011 Ford Explorer…Assurance Fuel Max tires selected as original equipment on 2011 Chevrolet Cruze Eco…Concept EfficientGrip tire with RunOnFlat Technology for future electric vehicles displayed at Geneva Motor Show…Eagle EfficientGrip tire launched in China…Goodyear selected to develop fuel-efficient tires for U.S. Army program…Richard Kramer elected chairman, replacing the retiring Robert Keegan…Goodyear named one of the top 50 U.S. companies for social responsibility by Reputation Institute…Plans announced to double radial aviation tire capacity… Assurance Fuel Max tires launched in Australia and Indonesia…51st Premio automotive service outlet opens in Turkey.

2011 Goodyear named the 2011 Business Superbrand in India…Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 launched in Europe…Goodyear wins the Tire Technology of the Year award from "Tire Technology International" magazine for the Goodyear UltraGrip Ice+ tire…Two Goodyear blimps returned to Europe for a tour of 20 countries…New plant in Pulandian, China produces first tire…Goodyear named a Supplier of the Year by Wal-Mart Stores…Tilden Curl named Goodyear North America Highway Hero…Americana, Brazil tire plant wins "The Shingo Prize" for manufacturers…Latin American farm tire business sold to Titan International…Ground broken on new global headquarters in Akron…Assurance Fuel Max tires launched in India…Goodyear named one of America's most reputable companies in "Forbes" magazine…Plan to build three new Goodyear NT airships to replace current U.S. blimp fleet announced…Chairman Richard Kramer introduces Goodyear Mission…Wire business sold to Hyosung Corporation…Union City, Tennessee tire plant closed…Spirit of America blimp re-branded Lightyear in support of Disney movie "Cars 2"…Uni-Maxx Truck Care service network launched in North America…Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 and Eagle F1 Directional 5 tires launched in Asia…Assurance TripleTred All-Season tire launched in North America…development of Goodyear's Air Maintenance Technology announced…Goodyear recognized for developing fuel efficient innovations by Pew Project on National Security, Energy and Climate…Fuel Max technology introduced in Latin America…Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 050 tires selected as original equipment for 2013 Lexus GS…Goodyear Venezuela honored for environmental commitment…Assurance Fuel Max tires selected as original equipment for 2012 Scion iQ…Goodyear's Hi-Q named "Most Iconic Tire Retail Brand" in South Africa…Eagle F1 Directional 5 tire introduced in Asia…Goodyear Dunlop Germany named "Top Automotive Employer"…Goodyear signs five year agreement with NASCAR to continue as the exclusive tire in top three racing series…Goodyear ranked in Reuter's Top 100 Global Innovators list…Ultra Grip Ice WRT winter tires introduced…Blimp gondola donated to Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum…Assurance Fuel Max tire named "Best Car Tire" by "China Auto News" magazine…Topping ceremony held for new headquarters building in Akron…Spring tire selected for display by American Museum of Natural History in New York…Eagle F1 Supercar and Eagle RS-A 2 tires selected as original equipment for Dodge Charger SRT8 Super Bee…Air Maintenance Technology named a Most Promising Future Technology by "Car & Driver" magazine…Goodyear Regional RHT II RFID tire introduced in North America, the company's first commercial use of microchips in truck tires…Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 tire named Best Product of the Year by China's "Auto" magazine…EfficientGrip SUV tire introduced in Europe…Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 tires selected as original equipment for the Porsche 911 Carrera 2…Spring tire displayed at Tokyo Motor Show.

2012 Goodyear develops Supplier Code of Conduct…Assurance TripleTred All-Season and Assurance ComforTred Touring tires recognized as Best Buys by "Consumers Digest" magazine…Goodyear China earned second straight "Top Employer" award…Goodyear wins Tire Manufacturing Innovation of the Year award from "Tire Technology International" magazine…General Motors selected Eagle F1 Supercar G:2 tires for 2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1…Mike Schiotis of Spring Hill, Tennessee named Goodyear Highway Hero Award winner in North America…Goodyear awarded two Tire of the Year prizes in Spain for its Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 and EfficientGrip SUV tires…Nissan selected Dunlop tires for GT-R…Goodyear wins fitment on New Embraer military airlifter and tanker jet…"Goodyear Fast Aid" roadside and medical assistance program launched in India…Goodyear receives Manny Award for Zero Waste to Landfill Program…Goodyear announces soybean oil can reduce use of petroleum in tires…Goodyear introduces plan to hire 1,000 U.S. military veterans in two-year period…Goodyear Dunlop Tires North America leadership team moves to Akron…Goodyear receives "CIO 100" award…EfficientGrip SUV tire launched in China, Australia and Malaysia…Goodyear named one of America's Greenest Companies by "Newsweek"…Goodyear's Air Maintenance Technology named one of 2012's Best Inventions by "Time" magazine…Goodyear named a Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Innovator…Eagle GT tire launched in Mexico…Goodyear transferred stock listing to NASDAQ.

2013 Subaru presents Goodyear with Top Supplier Award in North America…Construction begins for newest Goodyear blimp…More than 1,200 students attend Goodyear's Engineering Career Day…Boeing names Goodyear a Supplier of the Year…Dunlop Sport Maxx RT tires selected to fit the new Maserati Quattroporte…Goodyear opens new Global Headquarters in Akron…General Motors chooses Goodyear tires for 2014 Silverado and Sierra trucks…Goodyear, USW contract agreement…Goodyear unveiled UniCircle retreads for wide-base truck tires…Dunlop Sportmax Q3 tire named "Best Motorcycle Product" by Motorcycle.com…Goodyear's Latin America business wins Trade Americas Award…Goodyear South Africa honored as a Supplier of the Year by General Motors…Goodyear joins "It Can Wait" campaign to combat texting and driving…Assurance TripleMax tire launched in the Philippines…Goodyear reinstates dividend on common stock…Goodyear named a Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Innovator for 3rd straight year…U.S Department of Defense honors Goodyear with an "Above and Beyond" award in recognition of support of associates who serve in the National Guard and Reserve…Goodyear launches Car Care Clinics in North America…Goodyear announces sponsorship of U.S. Ski & Snowboard Association…Goodyear launches G572 IAD truck tire in North America…Goodyear named a Top 100 Military Friendly Employer in United States.

2014 Goodyear tires gain original equipment fitments on 2014 Ram 1500, 2014 Ram Power Wagon, 2015 Ford Mustang, 2015 Chrysler 200 and 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT…Assurance All-Season tire launched in North America…Dunlop Direzza DZ102 ultra high performance tire introduced…Goodyear celebrates 60th anniversary of supplying race tires to NASCAR…After 14 years in the skies, Spirit of Goodyear airship retired…90th anniversary of Goodyear's original tire and automotive service store… Goodyear launches Mobility of the Future Campaign in Europe, looking at key challenges and solutions for the transport industry…Goodyear recognized as the world's most admired motor vehicle parts company by "Fortune" magazine…Ivan Vasovic of Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., named 31st Goodyear North America Highway Hero…Newest Goodyear airship, Wingfoot One christened by TV's Robin Roberts…Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance named "Tire of the Year" in Spain…Goodyear celebrates a decade of supplying tires to the FIA European Truck Racing Championship…New consumer tire plant to be built in the Americas…Goodyear surpasses goal of hiring 1,000 U.S. military veterans…Goodyear ranked as top tire brand in New Zealand by Canstar Blue…Innovative use of rice husk ash in tires announced…Goodyear's new global headquarters earns LEED Gold Rating…Goodyear recognized with Aon Hewitt Top Companies for Leaders award…Goodyear UltraGrip 9 winter tire launched in Europe…Fleet testing of tires utilizing Air Maintenance Technology begins…IntelliMax Groove Technology for truck tires awarded innovation award by the Luxembourg Business Federation…Goodyear Autocare chain expands in Vietnam with new store in Ho Chi Minh City…Goodyear Named a Top 100 Military Friendly Employer for third straight year…Winter tire testing facility opens in Ivalo, Finland…Goodyear named as title sponsor of college football's Cotton Bowl…Sascha Högemann named 2014 Goodyear Highway Hero in Germany.