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Goodyear is the world's largest tire company. Together with its subsidiaries and joint ventures, Goodyear manufactures and markets tires for most applications. It also manufactures and sells several lines of belts, hose and other rubber products for the transportation industry and various industrial and consumer markets.

Goodyear is committed to protecting the environment and the health and safety of our associates, our customers, and the communities where we operate. As a global socially responsible corporate citizen, we shall conduct our business in accordance with the highest applicable legal and ethical standards, and shall strive to contribute to economic development and environmental protections, while seeking to improve the quality of life for our associates, families and communities, and society in general. We want our associates to have a work environment where they feel safe and secure. To that end, we shall:

  • Comply with all applicable environmental, health and safety (EHS) regulations and laws and Goodyear's global EHS standards.
  • Establish systems and set global corporate goals that seek continuous improvement.
  • Integrate EHS into all key business decisions - including the design, production, distribution and support of our products and services.
  • Reduce environmental impact and conserve natural resources by minimizing waste and emissions, reusing and recycling materials, and responsibly managing water and energy use.

In everything we do, Protect Our Good Name is our credo - as it has been since 1915. Our reputation demands it; our associates require it; our communities expect it.