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This location is notorious for poor service. Last month husband was told that took customers until 6 pm and arrived at 5:40 pm only to be told no more customers being served. Today attempted to get oil change but 2-3 hour wait and that was before 10 am (everyone was busy putting on tires no one to offer lubes). Either have the people on hand to offer the service or don't advertise.

It was my first time getting my oil changed at Walmart, I asked for a simple oil change, but instead they gave my the most expensive one. That was a little frustrating to have to pay double what they said it costed in the beginning. They were friendly and fast though. After receiving my car and paying, I realized my car made a weird sound while driving. I thought minimally about it until someone told me that it could be dangerous to drive my car. Now 2 weeks later my car is in a body shop and I'm paying excessive amounts to get it fixed. I am not saying Walmart Tire and Lube did that to my car, it is just that right after I got my car it started with the clinking. They were fast and nice, I would recommend that if you do go there that you get a price and will only pay the price they tell you it cost so they don't scam you, also make sure your car is working properly afterwards.

Needed tires bad! Went there knowing what I needed and wanted never got any sales pitch ! Tires that I needed were in stock and had them installed ~ everyone we encountered in the process was very friendly and warm! Thanks guys for an enjoyable experience ! I can guarantee I will be back when I need more tires !

Store Offerings

This store is an independently owned and operated location.

  • Check and fill tire air pressure with any service
  • Free Air

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