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I have used Robert Jr for years and never had a problem with them. However, Joe is a joke and the quality of their work, customer service, and honesty has gone downhill to the point I will NEVER use them again. About two weeks ago I took my truck in because the check engine light came on. I was told it was a bad O2 sensor. They gave me a quote for $187.00 to replace the O2 sensor. I knew I was going to have some other maintenance items coming due soon, so I opted to wait. On Saturday, January 25, 2020 I took my truck back to them to have the O2 sensor replaced and a couple of other small things taken care off. I get a call telling me that it was going to cost over $800.00 to do the work when I provided all the parts except for the O2 sensor because I didn't know which one was bad. I told them to forget it I will have the work done somewhere else. Before I could get over there to pick up my truck, I got a call back and they went down to just under $600.00. I still fel

Got in early, got my tires mounted and balanced. Out in a hour or less. Only thing I noticed a little off was the policy they made you sign before having any work done to your vehicle. Although I understand why some of it caused a few questions in my mind to rise. Be sure to read it before signing it. Work was done professionally and quickly. Highly recommendable.

I showed up at the correct time. They had no idea who I was. They found the tires but didn't have time to install them. I came back a week later and waited 2½ hours to have them installed. They claim Goodyear never tells them about the schedules, if they new they would have had time. I am disappointed because the ride is not very smooth at 70mph. I feeling the tires are not balanced. Ride at slower speed is fine. I had to take time off work on the first visit then had to wait too long on the second visit. So I may spend money at anther shop to have the tires checked.