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This is a follow up post to my original. Upon further review of my bill I noticed I was charged for extra oil (over 5 quarts) I thought that to be unusual so I checked my oil. They overfilled it which is bad for the engine! They also charged me extra for TPMS system on tire installation but my card does NOT have TPMS. So this is getting worse and worse the more I find out. I am also unclear if they even changed the oil filter because it looks old and dirty! Don't go there!

The problem is not with the people that work in that department they are very helpful and friendly. The problem is with their process and the fact the website is worthless. You can order tires online but not schedule installation. Once you finally find the department in the back (no signs) you have to navigate your way to the service area and wait, wait and wait for someone to help you (they are busy doing other things). Once you get in the line some people want to get their car serviced and some people want to talk about the correct tires for their car and other people simply want to pay. They need to split the line for this. The fact that it's first come first served is also bad because you never know how long they will need to keep your car so you might get stuck there for several hours like we did. We were the only car in the shop yet we were the last to get out. That also makes no sense to me. The tech officer for Walmart makes over 1M a year. For what? I'll do it for much less.

Fair warning do not take your car to Walmart in Lewis center. Dishonest people working on your car. I took my car in to Walmart Lewis Center for a simple bulb change and they forgot to put my air inlet duct back in my car!!! That's a large piece that's about 2-3 feet long... Not easy to forget and certainly someone realized at some point that their was an extra car part lying around but didn't want to get in trouble... They also didn't bolt everything back together! But their camera footage doesn't go back that far to be able to prove anything so they are off the hook and I'm out a large piece of my car! How convenient for them.

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