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Gentlemen at the counter sold tires without informing me that lift is out of order, so they are not able to do alignment. On first place If knew that I wouldn’t buy tires in their shop because my alignment is so bad that It would just ruin brand new tires. So they have put new tires on I paid and then I found out about lift. Long story short, I asked them if they would take new tires off the vehicle and put old ones back that I can proceed to another shop and do the business. They weren’t happy about that and said that it’s gonna cost me 80$. So they didn’t give me much choice and I agreed to keep tires on until they fix the lift. This happened 2 weeks ago , And I still drive brand new tires on bad alignment mostly highways which is really bad in this situation. Every time I call the shop they say that lift is still out of order. And I just want to mention that they charged me 70$ for alignment check that I didn’t even get ?!

Claimed Goodyear shipped wrong tires..but better to buy from them, not Goodyear. They were actually 25% more expensive. Was told tires would be in next day, and they would call. They didn’t. I called them several times. They lied to me stating that they had called me many times. I cancelled the order. But, they still charged my credit card. Had to contact my credit card company to get them to follow up. Oh.. I forgot... he asked for a 5star review several times. Yeah . Right. Never again...

Called store before I ordered the tires, made sure they had the space & equip. to handle my 5th Wheel & they said they could. When I called store back to make sure the of the appt. time, the person who answered the phone said the tires were not there. I then went to the store, and the asst. mgr. did not know that Goodyear had sent our tires to the store. Said they had our size tire in stock, but they were not tires from Goodyear. After handing me the phone back from speaking to Goodyear (I called you, he would not), he left for lunch without telling any of his staff. Never got a call back from him OR you, as promised. When finally got the tire situation straightened out after another call to you the next week, went to store and was told by the staff (no mgr available) that they could not handle a 5th wheel as they did not have jacks that were rated heavier than 3 ton. Had to show staff how to do it. The staff there that day were courteous, just not trained to handle 5th Wheel.

Store Offerings

This store is an independently owned and operated location.

  • Overnight Drop-off
  • Offers Online Appointment Scheduling
  • 6 Months No Interest
  • Check and fill tire air pressure with any service
  • Free Air
  • Free Mounting/Free Rotation Every 6,000 miles with tire purchase

Specialists on Staff:

  • Performance Tire Specialist
  • Winter Tire Specialists

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