Walmart Auto Care Center 2202

30 Landing Road Windham, ME 04062

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Dont bother calling, no one ever answers the phone

Face to face I was treated well but when it comes to the speed of the service techs I’m not sure how you make ends meet. I manage a facility and understand that there are days like this sometimes but this is over the top. The store manager opened the door for me at 7:02. All I needed was to have 4 tires swapped over to summer treads. I’m coming up on 2.75 hours now and doubt that I’ll be out soon. I think that this area must surely be carried by the others; at this speed it couldn’t possibly run as a stand alone business. Great people but very slow I’m calm but very disappointed I’m glad I took the whole day off. 5/1/18

Every time I go to the tire and lube in Windham Maine it is always a 2 hour wait. In January I bought 4 new tires I was told it would be 1 hour 2 and 1/2 hours later I was still waiting for my tires to be put on because the associate decided to go to lunch in the middle of changing my tires. This past Saturday 4/22 I went to get my oil change and was told it would be 8hrs before they could to it because all the associates were working on tires changes. I want to know why they couldn't have kept one associate for oil changes if they were so backed up on tires. It seems to be a constant struggle with the Windham tire and lube. Why can't they be more like the tire and lube in Scarborough Maine. The several times I have gone there I waited maybe an hour never more than that. I would go there more often if I didn't live in Raymond which is just the next town over from Windham.

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This store is an independently owned and operated location.

  • Check and fill tire air pressure with any service
  • Free Air

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