Whether for work or play, you need the right trailer tire. From boats to RVs to horses, with the Endurance, your valuable cargo will get to wherever it needs to go.

Meet the Endurance Trailer Tire

STARTING AT $124 per tire

How to Buy Endurance Trailer Tires 

On, buying trailer tires has never been easier. You can buy wherever you are and have your tires shipped to a local installer from our list of trusted professionals.

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Goodyear Endurance Trailer Tire Tread Close-Up
Made In USA

Built in USA

These tires, built in Gadsden, AL and Fayetteville, NC, use state-of-the-art technology to deliver exceptional quality and durability

“These tires were a huge improvement over my old tires. They pull easily, track well, and make my Airstream ride much smoother than before.”


“The Endurance trailer tires I bought for my horse trailer are great. My trailer pulled straight, smooth and more important, easier. I got 1.1 MPG better on a trip of 900 mile that I took before. I'm impressed.”


“The higher speed rating gives more confidence when pulling at higher speeds and the new tread pattern gives for a smooth pull with less bounce.  I highly recommend these tires.”


“We purchased a new fifth wheel RV and the next day bought Goodyear Endurance tires to replace the tires that came with it. The fact that the tires are American-Made was a top priority, plus Goodyear's reputation. So far they've proved to be terrific tires providing smoother rides, less bounces and much more peace of mind as we're heading down the highway. Highly recommended.”


“Thank you, Goodyear, for introducing another quality product and most importantly, putting Americans to work. They aren't cheap, nothing good is. Spend the extra money, these Endurance tires are worth every penny.”


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Get Answers Before You Hit The Road

Have a question about purchasing your trailer tires?

See our Frequently Asked Questions.

How long will they last?

The life of your Endurance® trailer tire will vary, depending on amount and type of use. Endurance tires are specially designed to be long lasting and durable – they’re built with Durawall® technology and scuff guard sidewall protection, to help withstand natural wear and tear and resist cuts and punctures.


Can all stores install Goodyear Endurance trailer tires?

While not all stores that sell Goodyear tires are able to install Endurance® trailer tires, when you buy online, you’ll have a choice of installers that are both close by and can install your Endurance® tires at a time that works for you. 



Is there a warranty?

The Endurance® trailer tire is eligible for our Replacement Limited Warranty, which covers most of our passenger tires with free or prorated-price tire replacement. If you experience noise, vibrations, or roughness with this tire, you may be covered. Exclusions apply; see full warranty for details.


Can I use Endurance® tires on my motorhome?

The Goodyear Endurance® trailer tires are specifically designed for trailers.  Their size designation begins with ST to indicate their use only on towable trailers.  Please go to for additional information on appropriate tires for your motorhome.


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