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783 Hwy 400 South Dawsonville, GA 30534

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I recieved the worse customer service from the Dawsonville store over the phone. Today I am looking for 2 tires and calling around. Kauffman was over 100.00 Higher than 4 well known shops and it would take two days to even get the tires that the other shops have in stock. I told the young lady on the phone that I would dispose of my two tires and she said she had to charge me the fee. I ask her if she doesn't have my old tires to dispose then why would I be charged she said it was how it was set up in the system. Then she said the fee was for the new tires. I tried to explain to her she couldn't charge me for a service she hasn't done yet. She continued to tell me that she had to charge me. I told her she wouldn't be charging me now or ever. Kauffman, if the customer service I recieved over the phone is in anyway how I would be treated in your store then maybe the front desk should be retrained.

Worst customer service. They "lost" my appointment twice, and then called me a liar in front of multiple employees and customers. After proving the call history when making the appointment, I wasn't offered an apology or a resolution to wasting part of 2 of my weekends. I will never go back, and never recommend any one to this location. Pathetic. The man behind the counter needs to learn customer service, and to not call a customer a liar. After I caught them in a lie of losing my appointment, then they tried to say "Appointments don't mean much anyways". Really? Terrible experience. Wish I could get a refund for the lifetime rotation and balance.

I had my wife take the van in to rotate two month old tires from another tire dealer (Kauffman's is much closer than where we purchased the tires), and get an oil change. They tried to tell her the tires were worn, and that metal was showing through!!!! Even my wife knew enough and said saw nothing on the tire he showed her!!! Just to be sure, I double checked all four tires at home. Two had ZERO tread wear, and the front's had minimal wear comparable to two or three months of use. There was NO metal showing, NO inside wear. They were completely safe tires. They saw my wife as a target because she was a woman and had a two year old with her. STAY AWAY!!!!