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For 12 years, tweve, Smitty's has been my Go-To, all-around, every car, any issue (except welding) car care center. Fast, accomodating, humble, fair, & have blazing fast wifi if you ever have to wait. For my family, they have maintained a '96 Subaru Imprezza, a 2000 Geo Metro, an 02 Subaru Imprezza, an 02 Toyota van, an 02 Subaru Outback, an 08 Toyota Camry, a '10 Subaru Outback & a '12 Subaru Outback. Those of this list that we no longer own were sold in excellent condition.

Took my car in because it was squeaking. They mis-diagnosed the problem and $200 later the sound was still there and they wanted to charge me an additional $300 to replace another part that should have been fixed instead of the one they did. I don't mind that they needed to charge for the additional part, but based on their inability to diagnose the issue correctly, what's to say it would even fix the problem. And the excuse they gave, "Well it would have needed to be changed eventually" is not a valid response. Every part on a vehicle will need to be replaced eventually. I came in to have a specific issue fixed, not to replace every part on my car until one of them works. Very disappointed with the service and their inability to diagnose and fix the issue. Now I have a squeaky car with a new part that didn't need replacing and they have $200 of my hard earned dollars. Won't be going back and I advise you to stay away as well.

I sent my wife to Smitty's with a small vehicle issue to see how things would go knowing that some places take advantage of: 1.women 2.people who don't know much about how a vehicle works The result? We were both VERY impressed with their integrity and price for their service. That was almost 5 years ago. Since then we've had them do everything from tires to suspensions, to brakes, regular maintenance (oil changes, transmission flushes, etc.); and continue to be impressed with the quality of work, the atmosphere of the site, and the integrity with which they operate. I have recommend Smitty's to everyone I know, and will continue to do so. Thanks fellas!