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After shopping nearby Walmart - I came out of the store - in 15 min my right front tire was completely flat. I had spare put on and went over to Goodyear at Walmart. Was told it was NOT repairable because I had driving on a 'misaligned tire and it was a crack in the tread'. I had just had my vehicle serviced at dealership less than 3 weeks prior and found this hard to believe. So I took my vehicle back to my dealership the next day - and it WAS repaired - at no cost. So Stay away from this Goodyear location.

I attempted to buy a tire. I had just bought 2 tires the week before but when i pulled up in the tire line the price was more. I was told that i had to go in and order the tire and that i would have to wait 5 days. The manager said to give me the tire at the original price but the staff struggled to add the price up, eventhough I had my reciept from the week before they kept quoting me more than I had paid the week before then they said they would know the price until after the tire was installed. Funny Business! I just left and went somewhere else. Those guys are unfriendly too. I wont be doing business with them anymore!

I went to get some tires changed on my truck but their wait time is HORRIBLE and they try not to give you an estimated time because they are so slow. One guy told me it was over a 2 hour wait to change 2 tires and after three hours later I was told it would be over 3 hours. Are the building freaking engines or something!! That is awful for such a quick service!

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