Miller Tire Company

Us 1 1915 S Memorial Dr Waycross, GA 31501

Horario en el día de hoy:  8:00 AM - 5:30 PM ABIERTO YA

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Miller was recommended to me as I searched in an unfamiliar town for help with an electrical problem that had occurred 30 miles earlier. Within 45 or so minutes, three employees had checked out several possible problems, replaced a suspect relay, and repaired the starter ground. The problem has not recurred. These folks were great, and the experience made me wish I lived in Waycross.

My car was towed on Tuesday and by Saturday no one has called to say anything about what is being done. I have had to call them 3-4 times during this time and each time I was put on hold for over 5-10 minutes and every time they would come back to the phone and ask what car and what was wrong with it . Spoke with the lady behind the counter and the first thing she said to me that she was trying to go home and someone would call but no one has called yet. Very very bad service and attitude of the staff . I was told "we're trying to work with you" that they we're taking appointments first , 5 days really.BAD SERVICE will NOT be going back

Took truck in to get an alignment, 4 day advanced appointment, myself and the mechanic looked at my upper control arm the mechanic told me that the price would be an extra 65 - 70 dollars extra because my truck needed caster/camber adjustable washers on them. I was a mechanic for about 5 years ASE certified in brakes and suspension so I told them that I would take care of that and bring it back. The next day I bought the parts (elsewhere) and upon taking off my tire and inspecting more closely I noticed that my truck already had the parts. If I had not been a mechanic and did the work myself they would have charged me extra for nothing.

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Esta tienda es una ubicación de propiedad y operación independiente.

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