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Invoicing Instructions

Invoicing Requirements
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Shipping Instructions for Inbound Collect Shipments to US and Canada Based Plants.

Failure to follow these corporate shipping instructions may result in Goodyear's refusal to pay any shipping costs invoiced to Goodyear by the supplier.

Full Truckload Shipments greater than 15,000lbs

Contact the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Load Planning Center at 330-796-5016. Available 24/7.

LTL Service (Shipments between 150 Ibs - 15,000 Ibs)

Interstate (US) (LTL) shipments - in order of preference

  1. YRC (Yellow and Roadway)
  2. Old Dominion Freight Lines

Note: FedEx Freight is not an approved carrier for LTL shipments over 150 Ibs.

Shipments within Canada (LTL)

  1. Quebec and Atlantic Provinces - Day & Ross
  2. Speedy Transport Inc.
  3. Manitoba and Western Canada - Penner

Cross border shipments (LTL)

  1. YRC (Yellow and Roadway)

Intrastate Shipments arrow

Small Parcel Shipments Less than 150lbs

For all inbound collect shipments, use FedEx Ground Collect (Maximum weight: 150 pounds per package, maximum size: 130" length plus girth) unless otherwise specified by the Goodyear Plant Purchasing/Transportation Managers.

For questions or for any supplier that does not currently have an established account with FEDEX GROUND, you should contact the FedEx Vendor Support desk at 1-866-883-9290 for an initial one-time instruction (Fedex Summary Information). For further inquiries, contact 1-800-GO-FEDEX or

For shipments that exceed the weight or size limits see the individual plant shipping instructions below or contact your buyer or contact Goodyear’s Load Planning Center at 330-796-5016.

All other transportation inquiries should be directed to the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company Load Planning Center at 330-796-5016. Available 24/7.

Sample Goods For Trial and/or Testing Purposes

Sample Goods For Trial and/or Testing Purposes Details Here

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