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Goodyear Tread Life Limited Warranty


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Goodyear Tread Life Limited Warranty

In addition to the provisions of the limited warranty for covered warranty conditions, any new Goodyear replacement tire listed below is warranted against treadwear wear-out based on the following information:

The Goodyear Tread Life Limited Warranty Table

Assurance tire family

Eagle tire family

Wrangler tire family

Additional tire families

  • U.S. - MI.: 50,000
    Canada - KM: 80,000
  • U.S. - MI.: 50,000
    Canada - KM: 80,000
  • U.S. - MI.: 30,000
    Canada - KM: 50,000
  • Fortera® SilentArmor®
    U.S. - MI.: 70,000
    Canada - KM: 110,000
  • Fortera® TripleTred
    U.S. - MI.: 60,000
    Canada - KM: 95,000
  • U.S. - MI.: 60,000
    Canada - KM: 95,000

*Vehicles with different front & rear tire size fitments: the rear tires will have a 22,500 miles/37,500 kilometers tread life warranty.

How will Tread Life Limited Warranty charges be calculated?

Driving habits, road conditions, driving conditions and vehicle maintenance are all factors that contribute to tire wear. If your tires do not reach the miles/kilometers listed in the Tread Life table and meet with all the terms of the Tread Life warranty (read below), the tires will be replaced as follows:

If the tread wears evenly down to the treadwear indicators (worn to 2/32" or .16 cm) before delivering the warranted mileage, the tire will be replaced on a prorated basis, if the original invoice is presented showing the vehicle mileage when the tires were originally installed.

EXAMPLE: If your tire had a tread life limited warranty of 80,000 mi. (130,000 km) and delivered 56,000 mi. (91,000 km) prior to wear-out (down to 2/32" or .16 cm), the tire will be replaced for 70% of the advertised selling price of the comparable tire at the time of adjustment. If the price of the new comparable tire is $130, the cost to you would be $91, plus any additional charges such as mounting, balancing, and any other applicable taxes and government-mandated charges.

The Tread Life Limited Warranty applies only if you are the original purchaser and the tires have been used only on the vehicle on which they were originally installed, according to Goodyear or the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.

However, the Tread Life Limited Warranty does not apply to tires:

  • Used in commercial applications including, but not limited to, police, taxi service, national account, government, and contract sales
  • Supplied as original equipment
  • Installed on any vehicle other than the vehicle on which they were originally installed
  • That after leaving the producing factory have had the tread pattern altered in any manner such as, but not limited to, siping, carving, shaving, or having any material applied to the tread surface

You must retain your original tire purchase invoice (see the second bullet under Owner’s Obligations) for Tread Life Limited Warranty consideration.

Owner’s obligations

  • You must rotate your tires in accordance with the prescribed rotation patterns as recommended by either the vehicle manufacturer or Goodyear
  • When making a claim under the Tread Life Limited Warranty, you must present your original tire purchase invoice showing the tire description, mileage, and the date the tire(s) were installed
  • You must present the tire to be adjusted to a Goodyear store; tires replaced as an adjustment become the property of the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company or Goodyear Canada, Inc.
  • You must pay any other applicable taxes and government-mandated charges for any additional service you order at the time of adjustment relating to any unique applications requiring mounting, demounting, or balancing
  • No claim will be recognized unless submitted on a Goodyear claim form (supplied by a Goodyear store) completely filled out by you, the owner, or your authorized agent when presenting the tire for adjustment


This limited warranty is applicable only in the United States and Canada.


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