About This Electrical System Service

Service Details

To troubleshoot your vehicle's electrical system, the service technicians at your local Goodyear Tire & Service Network locations use specialized diagnostic equipment to access your vehicle's data and pinpoint the cause of any electrical problems. An electrical system service includes:

  • A thorough visual inspection of battery and case condition
  • Check to ensure your battery can still deliver adequate power, and replace it if necessary
  • Electrical cable connections are examined and adjusted, if necessary
  • Engine diagnostics may be necessary to troubleshoot sophisticated systems or complex electrical problems

Electrical System Service: Common Questions

Why is it Important to Service a Vehicle’s Electrical System?

There are dozens of electrical components needed to route power in your vehicle's electrical system and these can vary greatly according to vehicle make, model and age. Your electrical system includes your vehicle's battery, alternator, and starter. Many new vehicles also feature sophisticated computer systems that affect functions like steering, brakes, sensors, and more. With all of the existing electrical components inside of a vehicle, diagnosing the source of car electrical problems may be complex, but the majority of them start and finish with your battery.

How Often is an Electrical System Service Needed?

Batteries usually last between three and seven years, so it's a smart idea to replace a vehicle’s battery every four years as a safety measure. Have your vehicle's electrical system checked immediately if:

  • Your vehicle won't start - you turn your key and hear clicking, grinding, or no sound at all
  • Interior or dashboard lights do not illuminate properly
  • Your vehicle runs well, but the headlights dim while you're traveling at low speeds, or idling at a stop

Warranty Information

The Goodyear Service Network Warranty is not available for this particular service. For more details on what we cover, see our Service Warranty Information page.

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