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Arrived 10 minutes before appointment time of 1:00 PM but was told that “it might be awhile” We asked for a 1:00 PM appointment and was then confirmed for the 1:00 PM appointment, but when we arrived there was no mention to us regarding it. A car went in to the bay just after we arrived. Why did we make an appointment if we are just put in line as we arrive. We sat in the lobby for an hour and our car went into the bay at 2:10 PM. The car was returned to us at 3:00 PM. My time is as valuable as the tire shop’s so yes I was disappointed that we had to wait with no apology from the tire shop for ignoring the fact we had a confirmed appointment. Tires are balanced well and I have had no issues with the installation.

I ordered a set of 4 tires 750.48 online from and I asked for the take offs to put on another vehicle. I had to go back in and ask for the take offs and the worker put them in the back of my truck. I noticed the invoice online that a disposal fee of 8 dollars a tire was still on the truck tire order. I emailed Goodyear online and they told me to get the tire installer's receipt showing that I kept the take offs. The installer didn't give me a receipt they said it was all taken care of online. So, I called the installer and they will not verify or give me anything to prove that I kept the take offs! Because they didn't have anything on the computer showing that I took them. I told him you and I are the only ones that know. If they would just be honest and give me email providing the information I need the Goodyear company I ordered from will reimburse me 32.00 dollar. I guess it's worth 32.00 dollars to learn a lesson on where not to find honest and reliable service.

I have purchased several sets of tires and would highly recommend these folks.

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