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Sanjeev greeted us promptly and was great through all of our transaction. He explained everything thoroughly and couldn't have been better. This is during the Covid-19 pandemic and they did an excellent job to minimize any common contact on surfaces, use of pens, etc. I have to say their waiting area is the nicest I have ever been in. They have a counter with receptacles for charging or using your phone, etc. The servicing took about an hour and a half, not bad at all.

I purchased tires online from Goodyear but when I arrived, my appointment was not in the system. Nevertheless, they had the tires in stock and were able to install them in under two hours. They were very proficient and courteous.

Redwood General Tire underinflated our rv's tires. Used the wrong weight oil in our oil change. Criss crossed our tire rotation compromising the entire rig. NEVER CROSS ROTATE A BIG RIGS TIRES, IT COMPROMISES THE SEAMS OF THE TIRE WALLS... We have dual tires in the rear. We were driving across country and had two tires EXPLODE within 4 days of leaving their shop....then another tire Exploded in Missouri and another Exploded in Virginia. TIRES GO FLAT ITS TRUE...BUT 4 TIRES ((EXPLODING)) IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS?... while we were in the middle of the Arizona desert. I called Denny from the desert and told him first hand what the technician told me " that the tires literally touched each other and Exploded from improper inflation. Denny's response... ( tires go flat.) Denny Never asked how my family was, Never asked to talk to the tech who changed out our tires, Never accepted any responsibility. Redwood General Tire just wants their money, they don't care about any other i

Store Offerings

This store is an independently owned and operated location.

  • Overnight Drop-off
  • Wi-Fi in Waiting Room
  • Offers Online Appointment Scheduling
  • Offers Shuttle Or Vehicle Pickup
  • Run-Flat Tires

Specialists on Staff:

  • Performance Tire Specialist
  • Winter Tire Specialists

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