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This company does not know whose tires it has. We signed up for a tire installation, my husband showed up and they had no idea where our tires were. We figured that was GY’s fault, but then we called a week and a half later, they still had no clue, but then they checked and they had them. They didn’t call us when they arrived. The men we talked to said they never knew whose tires they had, people just had to come in over and over until they arrived. He also said that they don’t have appointments, so you just walk in and it’ll be 40 mins at the shortest. One of the men was rather rude to us saying that we shouldn’t be frustrated that they didn’t contact us when the tires arrived because it wasn’t his fault, and maybe we should have thought to attach our name or number to the tires (we did this by the way, we came in with our order from GoodYear on the day they were supposed to arrive). Overall a dysfunctional shop, will be going elsewhere to get our alignment and never using again.

I had a complicated issue with a tire. The competitor just put a tube in it that lasted a day these guys knew the best fix. It now works great. Thanks for fast immediate friendly service you are appreciated!!

Seems like we're not the only ones that didn't get a call before getting the work done on our car. We were expecting a charge of $500. That's the quote that they gave us. We dropped off our car. They didn't call us at all when they increased the price by $490. They told us it was done and we got a bill of $990! It's not like we can tell them to undo everything. It's dishonest. They will trick you into thinking it's significantly cheaper and then NOT communicate changes to the quote they gave you. JUST DON'T!

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