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Run On Flat Tires

Drive further on a flat

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Goodyear’s Run On Flat® (ROF) or Extended Mobility Technology (EMT) tires are a great solution for those who value peace of mind and storage space. Since they are made to help you keep driving with a deflating or deflated tire, you should consider them if convenience and safety are top of mind when searching for the right tire.

Quick note: We also share tire selections from Dunlop Tires, where you’ll find a similar tire technology called "Dunlop Self-Supporting Technology (DSST)".

run flat tires

The Benefits

  • Convenience

    Run On Flat tires offer the most convenience when it comes to the need for a spare tire. They’re built to help you reach a safe place on a deflating or deflated tire.

  • Storage Space

    If limited storage space is a concern Run On Flat tires are a viable option.

  • Versatility

    Run On Flat tires come in many sizes and tire types.

run on flat emt extended mobility technology tires

The Technologies

When you're looking for new tires, keep an eye out for these technologies in some of Goodyear's popular Run On Flat tires.

  • Run On Flat® and Extended Mobility Tire Technology

    These tires perform when deflating or even once deflated. They allow you to drive at a top speed of 50 mph/80 kph for up to 50 mi./80 km to help you reach a safe place or service area.

    Quick note: You'll need to have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System or have one installed in order to be eligible for Run On Flat tires.

For information on these and other Goodyear technologies, view the tire glossary

Comparing Tire Types

Before you decide which tire type is right for you, keep these key differences in mind.

  •  All-Terrain
    • Designed to: offer versatile traction for driving on various types of challenging roads.
    • Consider if: you’re looking for an aggressive tread pattern that can take you on and off-road.
  •  Fuel-Efficient
    • Designed to: reduce rolling resistance and help you save on gas.
    • Consider if: you’re looking for an all-season tire that can handle both wet and dry conditions while helping you save at the pump.
  •  Run On Flat

    • Designed to: help keep you driving in the event of a loss in inflation pressure (up to 50 miles at a top speed of 50 mph).
    • Consider if: your vehicle came with Run On Flat tires. Vehicles that came with Run On Flat tires as the original equipment tires should continue to use the Run On Flat technology.
  •  Sport Performance
    • Designed to: help with better handling on both dry and wet roads.
    • Consider if: you enjoy driving with precision and responsiveness.

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