Goodyear Wrangler TrailMark Tires

  •   All-Season
  •   All-Terrain

A rugged all-season tire with on- and off-road traction for trucks and SUVs.

Available exclusively at Walmart

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  • Sidewall & Tread Design

    The design helps enhance the rugged appearance and style of your vehicle.

  • Off-Road Traction

    Deep, open grooves and a wide shoulder profile help evacuate water and mud from the tread for enhanced off-road traction.

  • Quiet Ride

    The optimized tread pattern helps provide a quiet ride.

  • Wet Traction

    The multiple grooves and biting edges help grip the road for confident wet, dry and snow traction.

Warranty Information

  • Limited Treadwear Warranty

    This Walmart limited treadwear warranty protects the original purchaser from premature tire wear by providing a pro-rata replacement if the tread wears out before reaching the warranted mileage based on your Walmart invoice. The original tread will be considered to be worn down when there are 2/32 of an inch (1.6mm) of tread remaining.

    • 55,000 mi. / 80,000 km (P-Metric sizes)
    • 45,000 mi. / 70,000 km (LT sizes)

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All Tire Sizes

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