Roll by Goodyear

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Tire Installation at Your Convenience

We're Roll by Goodyear, and we're on a mission to make getting new tires simple, straightforward and totally convenient for you.

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“Roll is a great example of a legacy brand transforming the customer experience.”

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Looking for assistance?

Not a problem. We’ll send you a confirmation email that will contain your selected installer’s contact information. Please call the installer directly to reschedule.

Before Your Appointment

On the day of your appointment, please write down the current odometer (mileage) reading on your vehicle and ensure all vehicle alarms are disabled. Also, please review the below mobile tire installation requirements.

Roll Mobile Tire Installation Requirements

To ensure a smooth installation experience, please follow these guidelines:

  • Vehicle must be parked in a safe place off the roadway to perform services
  • You must show photo identification that matches your order invoice
  • You must have permission for Roll by Goodyear to service your vehicle where parked
  • We’ll need at least 5 feet of space on all sides of your vehicle
  • If parked in a covered location, we’ll need 10 feet of vertical clearance for our Roll by Goodyear van
  • If your wheels have wheel locks, you must provide the wheel lock key

During Your Appointment

At the time of your appointment, our technician will meet you outside, maintaining an appropriate social distance. He or she will ask you to verify your odometer reading and that all alarms are disabled. When the work is completed, the technician will ask you to turn on your vehicle and confirm that the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) light is off.