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Tire Features

High-Performing 70%1 Sustainable-Material 2 Tire
Engineered with soybean oil to reduce petroleum-based oil, high-quality rice husk ash silica to help reduce waste going to landfill and sustainably sourced natural rubber.
Confident Grip In Rain Or Shine
Asymmetric tread design provides stability in dry conditions and helps maintain grip in wet conditions.
Feel At Ease With Reduced Noise
Unique tread pattern designed with contoured edges offers a quieter ride.
1- All anticipated sizes contain at least 70% sustainable material content.
2- Goodyear defines sustainable material as a bio-based (defined as material of biological origin (Source: ISO 14021)); renewable; or recycled (defined as material that has been reprocessed from recovered [reclaimed] material (Source: ISO 14021)) material; or one produced using or contributing to other practices designed to promote resource conservation and/or emissions reductions, including ISCC PLUS mass-balance (defined as a certification verifying our capability to track the amount and sustainability characteristics of circular and/or bio-based material in the value chain and attribute it based on verifiable bookkeeping (Source: material.

Warranties & Guarantees

Goodyear 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Our satisfaction pledge gives you 60 days to decide whether to keep select tires or exchange them for a different set of Goodyear tires.

Exclusions apply; see full warranty for details.

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Highway Auto and Light Truck Tire Replacement Limited Warranty

This tire is eligible for our Replacement Limited Warranty, which covers most of our passenger tires with free or prorated-price tire replacement. If you experience noise, vibrations, or roughness with this tire, you may be covered.

Exclusions apply; see full warranty for details.

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Tire Specifications
Tire Specifications

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