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How to Find Your DOT Number

DOT (stands for Department of Transportation) means that the tire complies with all applicable transportation safety standards established in the United States. The DOT or serial number must begin with the letters "DOT" followed by a combination of numbers and letters up to 12 characters. You can find the DOT number on the sidewall of your tires as shown in the example below. Please note, the majority of Goodyear consumer tires, but not all, have the full DOT number on both sides of the tires (including the last 4 numbers of the DOT code which represent the 2-digit week and 2-digit year of manufacture. Example: 0814 would indicate the tire was manufactured during the 8th week of 2014). In those instances where the full DOT number is not on both sides of the tire, you may need to look at the inboard side of the tire to determine the week and year of manufacture. Do not include the letters "DOT" in the search box before your full DOT number, doing so will result in an error message.

Register Additional DOT Numbers

If the tires you just purchased have identical DOT numbers to the number you have entered above, you can skip the following fields. If there are multiple DOT numbers, please enter them below. You do not have to enter the same DOT number more than once. Instead, please increase the quantity for that DOT number (limit 6).