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Sustainable Material Tire

In our relentless pursuit of forward motion, Goodyear continues to develop new products and technologies for our customers. Goodyear is committed to seeking out and using sustainable materials that deliver product performance while meeting our high standards of quality and safety.  


This new, sustainable-material tire includes:

  •  Soybean oil, a bio-based resource, provides drivers with increased performance from their tires by helping to enhance traction in rain and snow and improve the flexibility of the tire in lower temperatures.
  • Rice husk ash silica, a byproduct of rice processing usually discarded and put into landfills, helps to improve grip and reduce fuel consumption.
  • Carbon black is included in tires for compound reinforcement and to help increase their life and has traditionally been made by burning various types of petroleum products. This tire will use high-reinforcing carbon black produced from either plant-based oil or pyrolysis oil derived from end-of-life tires that are sustainably sourced.
  • Tire cords are used as reinforcement and help the tire maintain its dimensional stability


Be among the first to know when you can equip your vehicle with Goodyear tires containing up to 70% sustainable-material content.  

Goodyear plans to begin production of these tires in 2023. Completing the form below will allow you to be the first to know when they are ready for purchase. 

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