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Did good job will use again

I ordered my tires online and I made the appointment for May 19th, but they called me on the 18th to ask me if I could go that day. I told them that the rims weren't mount them on my vehicle, that I could take the rims and the next day they could mount them on my vehicle. They told me that was fine. So on the 19th I got there and the person that I talked on the phone wasn't there. One of the guys that work there told me that Wendy just told them to mount the tires but not on the vehicle, so I talked to the manager that was very rude and I told him what the other guy said. He checked that I paid for the parts and labor and he told the guys to mout them on the vehicle but I checked that they didn't replace the valve stems so I told them, and they had to do it again but they didn't balance the tires at this time. The next day I drove my car on the highway and I felt a vibration. I talked to the manager on the phone and he told me (What you want me to do?)

Stopped by to my get truck inspected, while waiting inside I noticed their menu board with services and prices.I said might as well get an oil change. Asked them about a particular part and repair for my other truck. Let me tell you they have very reasonable and affordable prices.I will be taking other truck to get repaired this same week..South Side go by visit and get your vehicles serviced here, we got to keep a shop like this around for good quality and honest automotive needs. Nice air conditioned waiting area with TV, coffee ,cold water and clean facilities.