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One of the most exciting sports on the planet. From the pit crews to the drivers, the competition and athleticism is like nothing else. Building on a long history in the sport, It’s one of the many reasons why we are proud to be the Official Tire of NASCAR.

Development of an all new tire size for an all new race car is a major technical challenge, but Goodyear is rolling with those changes. The new NASCAR Cup Series tire has been thoroughly tested and is ready to finish the race. While being new to NASCAR, 18” performance tires aren’t new to us. We’ve been building the consumer equivalent for years.

The Gold Car

One of NASCAR’s most coveted awards. Since 1985, Goodyear has awarded NASCAR’s Cup Series champ with a 24-karat, gold-plated replica of their actual race car. We like to think it’s what all the drivers are chasing at the start of the season. Signifying a long road to success through unparalleled performance, every winner will tell you having one is priceless.

Former NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. visits Goodyear Headquarters and the Goodyear Innovation Center's manufacturing facility for the first time, to see where racing tires are made.

We make tires for NASCAR the same way we make tires for you - with a drive to keep you moving forward.


Our History with NASCAR

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