Ventilation Cleaning

Our Ventilation Cleaning Service is designed to remove small debris and neutralize micro-organisms to help alleviate the smells and odors emanating from your vents, heater, and air conditioning. Doing this will help clean your car’s air-conditioning and heating ventilation system keeping allergens and other pollutants from your car’s cabin, ensuring your vehicle has improved indoor air quality.

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Signs Your Car’s Ac Or Heater Vents May Need Cleaned
  • You notice a musty or odd odor coming from your car’s air vents.
  • Your air system causes sneezing or watery eyes; or
  • You drive in places with higher-than-average levels of dust, pollution, or pollen.

Ventilation systems direct the flow of air conditioned or heated air into your car. Although many ventilation systems have a cabin filter, the dirt, pollen, pollutants, and contaminants that come with day-to-day driving, may be captured within the ventilation system. Poor airflow, unpleasant odors, and even no airflow can all be caused by issues within a vehicle’s heating and air conditioning and ventilation systems.


Looking for assistance?

Our service technicians will perform the following actions when you purchase our Vent Cleaning Service:

  • Visually inspect the ventilation system (air-conditioning/heating) to determine if it is operating properly
  • The evaporator core, air vents, vent ducts and drainage line will be cleaned.
  • Perform a service to assist in the removal of smells caused by mold and mildew in the system.

Note: After the service has been performed, you will notice a slight spearmint fragrance. This will dissipate after a few hours.

Many of our locations offer both air conditioning and car heater vent services for your vehicle any time of the year. To find a service center near you, go to our find a service center page.

A clean ventilation system helps keep smog, allergens, and other pollutants from entering your car’s cabin.

Regular cleaning of the evaporator core, which is a type of heat exchange device, can help to facilitate proper heating and cooling of a vehicle’s interior. A clean core can help to facilitate the refrigerant to properly absorb heat and then convert it to a low-temperature vapor within the evaporator coils. Colder air in a vehicle's cabin is regulated by its driver and passengers, which is blasted into the vehicle through the vents.

When the air conditioning is on, the rapid cooling of air can cause condensation allowing fungus, mold, and mildew to form on the plastic and foam inside the ventilation system. The fungus is then blown into the car with the air conditioned or heated air.

The most common signs that a vehicle's heating or air conditioning system is malfunctioning are musty scents, which may lead to sneezing, itching, and watery eyes. These issues could most likely be caused by microorganisms in the vehicle's heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems. Schedule an appointment today for a thorough vent cleaning today is you notice unwanted smells in your vehicle.

A musty odor from the heating/air conditioning ventilation system could be an indication of a buildup of fungi/mildew. If you drive in places with higher-than-average levels of dust, pollution, or pollen, you may need the service more frequently.

Conducting a Vent Cleaning Service at the same time as replacing air and cabin filters will help proper airflow not only in your vehicle’s cabin, but also to and from the engine. Learn more about our Air & Cabin Filter Replacement Service.